Organization for the IP2 mini games

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Our first game will be Wednesday Dec 18 at the Nepean Sportsplex Arena 2

5:30 teams 9 v 10      and        11 v 12

6:30 teams 14 v 15     and        16 v 17

Teams 13 and 18 will not play that night. Their first games will be Friday 

In order to make things run smoothly a few points need to be clear:

1. We will only have two dressing rooms for each game hour assigned. There will be 2 teams in a dressing room which will make it very crowded so it is important that players come mostly dressed and that only a small number of extra people are in the dressing room

2. Each team will have a goalie in nets. I will have 4 goalie sticks there and a set of left handed goalie gloves.

3. The game will begin with two teams going to each end where two nets will be set up across the ice. Each team will warm up for approximately 3 minutes by skating around and shooting dog balls at their goalie.NO PUCKS ARE ALLOWED DURING WARM UP. Late players will be allowed on the ice at shift changes not during game play.

4. Parents reps need to be on the bench since two teams will be on one bench – a challenge of their organizational skills!. – Each team will use their own bench door.To avoid collisions “OUT BEFORE IN” ie players must be allowed to leave the bench before the players who have been in the game get back on the bench.

5. Each team will be divided in thirds – one third will be in the game, one third will be on the bench and one third will be in the area between the blue lines where skills will be practiced.We have identified the top 6 or 7 skaters on each team (their sticks will have blue coloured tape on their ends) – and they will play against the corresponding group on the opposing team. The rotation will be Bench to practice to game and then to the bench.

6. Every three minutes of running time we will call a “switch” – so every player should play 5  @ 3 minute shifts in the game, 5 @3 minute practice sessions and 5 @ 3 minutes rest times on the bench.

7. In the practice area we will work on skating backwards, balance, edge control, stopping and some movement through the pylons

8. There will be ONE puck in each game. During the game no scores are kept or winners declared. After each goal there will a face off (with one player from each team)  half way between the two nets which will be positioned across the ice from each other.

9. We will not clean between the two hours so we will have 55 minutes for a warm up, 15 shifts and a departure from the ice.  the first game session 5:30 – 6:25  and the second session 6:25 – 7:20

I know your Timbits are almost as excited as the parents and grandparents!

Next practice we will do a mock 3 shift session (game, skill and sit) to show players how it will work…so parent reps will need to be on the bench.



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