Practice outline for IP2 Saturday December 14 Bell Arena 3-8

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Focus areas:

Goalie training continues – We need to identify the goalies playing in the two games


Edge control especially increasing power using the inside edges

Backward skating


Carrying the puck

Getting ready for the first games of the season next week


4 nets

Blue pucks

6 mini soccer balls for warm up game

Ringette rings

8 Tall pylons

6 start line pylons so they don’t cheat by sneaking up on the drill.

6 tires

3 PVC plastic pipe “V’s”


Goalies to the crease area at one end

Mini soccer game across the ice inside the blue lines – 3 nets set up in a triangle


ALL IN  Teams to their own end – skating done to red line (but not over it –  to avoid collisions)

Fast as you can there and back

One foot push + glide on one foot

Forward scull skate (together, apart)

Backwards scull skate

Stop at every line and wave to parents

Fall to knees and get up

Turn front to back


SKILL DRILLS  – only need 2 nets (6 stations –  3 each end @ 5 minutes each = 30 minutes – rotate to the other end after 3 stations) Instructors move with their players.

IMPORTANT: NO STANDING AROUND since there will be 5  or 6 players per station

  1. Backward skating  (single player)

Vocab” “Keep your knees bent, “C” cut, Don’t lean on your stick”

   2.   Tire push

Vocab: “Push as hard as you can, Bend your knees”

3. Partner passing ending in a shot on net Nets arranged on the face off circle of the rink

Vocab: “Pass the puck back and forth and then shoot on net, Do not come back up the middle – stay to the outside.

4.   Ringette rings through the pylons which are in a straight line

Vocab: “Skate as fast as you can, Use your arms to pull yourself around the pylons

5. Shuttle stops  between blue line and ringette line

Vocab: “Go back and forth between the lines stopping with both feet. Stop looking towards the stands so you stop both ways”

6.  Deke drill around a set of obstacles arranged as 3  “v’s”  (one then two) – that players must decide to go right or left.

Vocab: “Skate towards the net and decide which way to go around the pipes on the ice. You can go either to the right or the left, Finish the drill by shooting at the net, Make sure you come back on the outside so you don’t get in anyone’s way.”


MINI GAME – half of each team at each end.- two pucks only


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