Message I gave to bench reps at practice

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Somehow I was short of this page – so the last two teams did not get them so….

Parent reps – FIRST  games are next week!!!

Teams 9,10,11,12,14,15,16, and 17 play their first game Wednesday Dec 18 at Nepean Sportsplex rink 2 (at the back)

Teams 13 and 18 play their first games Friday Dec 20 at the Walter Baker Obviously 6 other teams play their second game on that date as well

.A few reminders:

  1. 4 teams play at the same time but we only have 2 dressing rooms to use so it is important that parents try to have their players “MOSTLY DRESSED” and reduce the number of “VISITORS” in the dressing rooms.
  2. We have identified strong skaters – no guarantee that we have got all of them – the intent is to try to get our strong skaters playing against the strong players on the opposing teams. The hope is that we will at least start them opposite each other. You may want to add to these numbers since not every player was present last week when we did our evaluation. We will revisit this in a few weeks. Your input is important.

The team and player numbers are shown below

Bruins 5,7,13,17,19,20

Redwings  2,3,7,12,16,17

Flames 3,9,17,18,20

Canadiens 6,7,10,12,17,19

Rangers 9,12,13,15,20

Canucks 7,11,12,19

Predators 5,10,12,20

Blackhawks 4,9,11,12

Penguins  9,14,16

Wild  2,10,14


  1. We will play two games across the ice inside the blue lines and have a practice are in the middle ice area. No winners will be declared and no score will be kept …except by the fans!! Shifts will be three minutes running time with a face off after every goal. Players will move from the bench to practice area to game and back to the bench.
  2. I will have goalie sticks (4) and left handed goalie gloves (one set)
  3. I would like to recognize “first goals” for all players so I will be asking for this info…



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