IP2 Practice Plan for Saturday Dec 21 Merivale arena 10 – 3

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Focus areas: After last weekend’s success of skating without sticks I want to continue to work on edge control forwards, backwards and stopping. We will also work on passing in several of the drills. With our first games Wednesday and Friday many teams will be on ice three times this week so keeping it upbeat and fun is even more important. Goalie training continues.


4 nets

2 PVC goalies

40 balls of different sizes

Blue pucks with mini net carriers (carriers needed for drill)

Ringette rings

10 Tall pylons

10 Medium size pylons for obstacles and start cones (to reduce the cheating up to the first pylon in drills – this is a problem in every hockey practice AND WE NEED TO TRY TO ELIMINATE IT SO THAT PLAYERS START THE DRILLS WITH SPEED!)

3 black PVC pipes ( 3- 6 feet) for obstacles


WARM UP: Full ice skate (with sticks) with balls of all different sizes inside the ringette lines (Put out pylons – NO NETS) Instructors should try to steal the balls whenever they can.



Goalie training at one end so caution – we will stop at the ringette line at that end.

–          Fast as you can there and back

–          One foot push and glide there and back

–          Forward legs together apart ONE LENGTH

–          Forward two foot slalom ONE LENGTH

–          Backwards legs together and apart  ONE LENGTH

–          Transition forward to backwards at every line ONE LENGTH

–          Stop and wave at every line there and back

–          Fast as you can there and back




6 SKILL DRILLS – assuming 36 players /6 = 6 players per station

NON GOALIE END – two nets available

a)      Move sideways around two obstacles and shoot on PVC goalie in net centred on the faceoff circle. Note:  One line of players with three horizontal pipes that force the players to go around them by deking sideways.

Vocab: “Decide which way you are going to deke around the pipe and then shoot on the goalie. Remember to shoot for the holes –  Not at the goalie.

b)      Forehand 4 puck rapid shot drill coming across the front of the net (skate around the faceoff circle and shoot at the net which is centred on the faceoff circle – NO GOALIE)

Vocab: “ Skate around the faceoff circle and as you pass in front of the net shoot all three pucks at the net using a forehand shot.”

c)       Ringette rings through a straight line of  line of pylons (across ice between blue and red line)

Vocab: “Skate through the pylons as fast as you can. Use your arms to pull yourself around the pylons.”


GOALIE END – one net available since goalie training is in the crease area

d)      Cross ice partner pass  (between the blue and red lines) ending in a shot on net with a PVC goalie in it. Two lines of players  Vocab: “ Pass back and forth and then shoot on the goalie. Remember to shoot for the holes not at the goalie”

e)      Mini net scoring (passing accuracy) in one corner

All players go at once with a large supply of pucks. Vocab: “Shoot the pucks into the mini nets as fast as you can.”

f)       Two  player passing drill bouncing the puck off the boards around an obstacle in the other corner of the ice and on the side boards. Vocab: “ Bounce the puck off the boards around the pylon to your partner. Keep your stick on the ice. Be gentle – make a soft pass.”


WRAP UP  (if time) Hurricane skate around the centre ice circle both ways.


Candy canes for all players – hooked on their cages!


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