First night of games

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

I wish I had a camera to capture the excitement on the faces of our Timbits. I wish every parent could see their kids excitement as they told me how many goals they scored. For those of you worried about positional play – that will come. For the time being we will focus on “protecting the net” and “taking pucks away and going in to score”.


One “problem” that occurred was the similarity in the two red teams (Canadiens and Wings) . I will pass that on to the NMHA for next year’s jerseys. We will live with this this year. It didn’t seem to be a big problem.

Special thanks to the two parents who manned the stop watch. Three minutes of running time once the players were set to go seemed to work well. The other way to do it is just to run a three minute clock. Either way it works.

A small reminder that we will not be declaring winners or posting scores in these games. We call them mini games but in actual fact they are real games with an ice surface that is appropriate for their size.later in the year we will be playing full ice games in our wrap up tournament and perhaps in the last few games.This will require adjustments in the schedule. For you peace of mind we will use the schedule as posted on the NMHA website until early March.

I want to maximize the fun potential of these games. I am a little concerned that being on ice some weeks three times a week may be a little too much. I don’t want players or for that matter their parents to bail because it is too much. This is something that can be discussed. You might have noticed last night that some teams had more players than others. This is typical and even more common when the weather starts to get bad.

The neutral zone will continue to work on basic skating and will be reduced in size as the season progresses. If numbers are really low as they were for one team then they will not use the neutral zone and instead be either on or off the ice.

I was really pleased with our two refs (Josiah and Matt) I thought they let the kids play and did not get in the way. I was pleased  the work in that neutral zone. Players will get lots of practice stopping, starting and using their edges. With 28 players in the neutral zone we can reduce crowding on the bench (14 less players on the bench) and make the player movement into and out of the game much smoother.The key in the neutral zone is to not overwork them so they are too tired to give the game their full effort.

Extra thanks to the two parents who gave the instructors chocolates and Tim’s cards. We used them after the game to have a meeting at Tim’s to talk about some secret special events that are coming……..

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  1. Meredith says:

    Just wanted to mention that the parents LOVED that your on ice game staff wore Ref jerseys. Awesome touch. The kids were so excited they had ‘real refs’! Thanks again for a super successful first evening of mini games!

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