Practice outline for IP2 Saturday Jan 4 Merivale Arena 10 – 3

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This practice is very similar to last week’s with two new drills added.

Focus areas: I want to continue to work on lengthening the stride and adding power, edge control forwards, backwards,cross overs and stopping. We will also work on passing in several of the drills… Goalie training continues centred on the face off circle or in the corner.


3 nets, 2 PVC goalies, 6 tires, Wiffle balls, Blue pucks, Ringette rings

10 Tall pylons and 10 smaller ones, 3  pipes (4  feet) for obstacles + 2 stickmen

 WARM UP: Full ice skate with pucks trying to bounce pucks off the boards – goalies included.

NO SHOOTING ON NETS– put all nets against the boards backwards to eliminate the temptation!


Goalie training at one end so caution – we will stop at the ringette line at that end.

–          Fast as you can there and back

–          Same side one foot push and glide there and back (using the other foot)

–          Forward legs together and apart ONE LENGTH

–          Forward two foot slalom ONE LENGTH (This will be hard for them – secret is to do it slowly)

–          Transition forward to backwards at every line ONE LENGTH only

–          Stop and wave at every line there and back

–           Fall to two knees at every line ONE LENGTH ONLY

–          Superman dive at the blue lines

–          Fast as you can there and back ONE LENGTH ONLY

6 SKILL DRILLS – assuming 36 players /6 = 6 players per station

NON GOALIE END – Two nets centred on the faceoff circles each with a PVC goalie (no stick)

a) Move sideways around two obstacles and shoot on PVC goalie in nets centred on the faceoff circle. Note: One line of players with three horizontal pipes that force the players to go around them by deking sideways.

Vocab: “Decide which way you are going to deke around the pipe and then shoot on the goalie. Remember to shoot for the holes –  Not at the goalie.

b)      Skating around 2  ringette rings in a figure eight path in the area between  the blue and red lines (slow it down) working on cross overs both directions

Vocab: “Skate around the rings in a figure eight path – glide around the rings. Push once between the pylons…Right foot push, glide, left foot push…glide”

c)       Skate through a straight line of pylons (across ice on the red line)

Vocab: “Skate through the pylons as fast as you can. Try to take one step between the pylons so it will be push with your right foot…push with your left foot”

GOALIE END – one net available since goalie training is centred on the faceoff circle

d)      Partner pass and shoot on net (centred on the faceoff circle) with a PVC goalie in it. Two lines of players start at the blue line  Vocab: “ Pass back and forth and then shoot on the goalie. Remember to shoot for the holes not at the goalie”

e)    Tire push across the ice between the blue line and ringette line

Vocab: ” I want you to bend your knees and push hard – I want to hear your skates dig in.”

f)       Backwards skating using the in and out skating motion with a two foot snowplow stop.

 Vocab: “You haven’t done this before. I want you to move your legs together and apart like we do going forwards but lean forward and push off with your toes to go backwards. Stop by doing a snowplow.”

WRAP UP  3 net scoring using wiffle balls with instructors in net at centre ice. Goalies can work on skating or go in net


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