IP2 Practice Outline Saturday Jan 18 Merivale 10 – 3

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IP2 Practice Outline  Saturday Jan 18, 2014 Merivale Arena 10 – 3


This practice is the 15 th of 28 and is for the most part the same as last week’s with players divided into three groups with their own set of dedicated instructors and their own specific activities geared to the next stage of their development. Some activities have been modified from last week to allow more time to focus.


WARM UP: 8 minutes MAXIMUM

Steal the ring (in one end inside the blue line)

20 Ringette rings and 35+ players = lift the stick and steal it from your friend!


ALL IN: 10 minutes   (one end – STOP AT RINGETTE LINE – since the goalies will be at one end)

Fast as you can there and back

Two knees every line there and back

One knee on every line (right knee one way and left knee coming back)

Superman dive at the red line there and back

One foot push there and back

Elongated stride there and back in slow motion

Stop at every line and wave there and back

Fast as you can there and back


NOTE: Some players were absent last week so they will need to be identified and placed in their group based on their skating.


GROUP 1 (the number in this group is dependent on who is there)

Leo, Derek and Adam- This group is likely to be very strong so don’t stay on one drill too long.

I expect lots of one on one instruction on not only what to do but WHY you do it!


 Slow circle skate – concentrating on keeping the front skate on the line and crossing the other skate over. Do both ways.

Backward skating with power VERY IMPORTANT THEY WORK ON THIS


Slowly skating with a puck in a figure eight around two pylons

HARD Stop (two feet – both ways)



GROUP 2 (the number in this group is dependent on who is there)


Matt Kl, Josiah, DYLAN (from the goalie drills) will work with the middle group in the area between the blue lines – working across the ice. These players need lots of individual attention so they develop good habits.

5 Activities:

Skate across the ice and bounce the puck off the board recover it and return

Stick handle slowly through a series of pylons in a straight line- speed is not important

Stopping (both sides) with a puck

Backward skating dragging a puck

Figure eight skate around two pylons without a puck


GROUP 3 (the number in this group is dependent on who is there)


David, Connor and Matt King (Matt may move to the centre area to help based on numbers) . “New skaters” will work inside the blue line. They need the most help with generating power, stopping, edge control on turns and backward skating


 Activities: NO PUCKS NEEDED

Push the large balls across the ice through a set of tall pylons in a slalom pattern.

Partner saucer push

Oval skate and “glide around the pylon”

Figure 8 skate around two bike tires

Skating backwards




Instructors are it. ROLLING – large exercise balls

Hit once = kneel down …if ball touches them again they are freed

  1. Adam Van Engen says:

    Quick question…my son Ryan who plays on the Blackhawks IP2 team 11, has Birthday party obligations on the 8th of Feb, but really doesn’t want to miss a practice….is there a way to still get him on the ice ?

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