Practice outline for Saturday Feb 8 Merivale Arena 10 – 3

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IP2 Practice Outline Saturday Feb 8 Merivale Arena 10 – 3

Focus area: This practice is quite similar to the last one but with a few changes. We will focus on skating with a puck, passing and shooting as part of a tactical “play” designed to score, edge control and stopping.

Equipment requirements:

3 Standard nets (1 for goalie training, 2 at other end)

2 PVC goalies

12 medium sized pylons

20 Ringette rings

30 Bike tires

Blue pucks

8 Large tires

WARM UP (5 minutes)

 Skate with pucks inside the BLUE lines. Players must bounce pucks off the tires when they go by them. This is about tracking and reacting to a moving puck.

ALL IN (Shorter than last practice 10 minutes)

Spread out players on the side board on one side from ringette line to red line  – one team on each side of the red line

  1. Fast as you can across the ice and back pushing the puck with a stop at the boards and return. Repeat twice
  2. Stick handle across the ice and back with a stop at the boards and return – Repeat twice
  3. Skate across the ice and bounce the puck off the boards and return- Repeat twice

Team drills (10 minutes)

Each team on their own side of the rink divided down the middle of the ice lengthwise – (spread out from ringette to ringette line). Divide the team in half… about 7 – 9  players per station

Activity 1  Pivot with a puck both ways around two objects in a figure eight pattern. I do not have enough tires for both teams so we will use pylons for this activity.)

Vocab: “We will skate a figure eight like we have done before .. only you will have a puck to control. Let your stick do most of the work, Tilt your stick so the puck stays on it. Go slowly if you need to – the most important thing is that you control the puck.”

Activity 2 Skating forwards around a bike tire – both ways. This is stage one in teaching crossovers .

Vocab: “ Stage one : Keep your inside foot on the tire and only push with your outside foot. Try to go as fast as you can. Switch and do it both ways. Stage two: cross your front foot over your back foot.”           

4 Stations ( 5 minutes each)

  1. RINGETTE RING DROP (sort of based on our tap, tap, tap, go drill) Between the blue line and ringette line in the goalie training end. We use ringette rings as if they were pucks because they don’t fly around as much as they are learning to control them.

Players partner up behind their own tires which are on the ringette line and the blue line. Rings start on one tire. Player 1 skates to the opposite tire but in the middle they are met by their partner (player 2) who takes the ring from them as they drop it off and both continue to the other tires going around them and exchanging again in the middle. Eventually we will do this with pucks but for now rings work better.

 Vocab: “Keep your head up, look at the person you are passing to.”

2. ONE FOOT STOPPING BOTH WAYS – Set up two pylons about 15 feet apart and tell players to skate back and forth between them and stop just before each pylon always facing the stands. The key phrase is left your back foot – this will force them to stop on their front skate.  Vocab: “Today we are going to do “stork stops – just like a stork we will stand on one foot. Skate back and forth between the pylons and stop at each one – always face the stands. Lift your back foot and stop using your front foot.”

NOTE: We will use the back skate later.

3. OFFSIDES! Players go in as a group of two starting at the red line and going in to shoot on net which is off to the side. While this will involve passing and shooting it is really about offsides.

Vocab: “PUCK IN FIRST” is the simple way to teach offsides. Novice coaches will love you if you get them to clearly understand this concept!!!

4. PASSING AND EVENTUALLY SHOOTING ON NET.  Instructors are the active quarterback “partners” who skate with them as a pair telling players where and which shot to take. Obstacles in the way will represent defending players who must be ‘avoided”.

Vocab: “Listen to me – together we are going to score on this guy. We must not let those obstacles block our passes.”

FINAL GAME  “Bet you can’t get the puck past me!” (5 minutes)

 Players line up on the blue lines and try to shoot the pucks past the instructors who are on the red line.Instructors when they stop the puck slowly send it back to them. No rewards for getting it past them!!


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