Practice Outline for IP2 Saturday Feb 15, 2014 BELL ARENA 3- 8

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Practice outline for Saturday Feb 15 Bell Arena 3-8

Focus: Skating and puck control

Equipment needed:

2 nets, 1 PVC goalie, sliding saucers, pucks, ringette rings, small pylons, martial arts belts

WARM UP: (5 minutes)  

Steal the ringette ring! Inside the blue lines.

ALL IN to centre

Tornado skate MUCH SLOWER THAN USUALLY!!!!!! (both ways around centre circle

Vocab: “ Cross your outer foot over your inner foot.”

ALL IN ( 20 + minutes) (Both teams – end opposite goalie training)

  1. Fast as you can there and back
  2. Backward to forward transitions at every line there and back
  3. ONE FOOT Stop and wave at every line
  4. Two knees at every line there and back
  5. Superman dive at blue lines there and back



“There are enough pucks for everyone so you don’t need to take one from someone else.”

  1. Push the puck there and back
  2. Chip and chase there and back
  3. Stick handle there and back
  4. Stop at every line there and back

DIVIDE INTO TWO TEAMS (Bring the pucks with them to their side of the ice SPREAD OUT from ringette line to ringette line

NOTE: This drill requires them to be controlled and think about their shots- they should all be shooting ON THE ICE = NO RAISING. This is about control and settling the puck down.

  1. Bounce the puck off the boards from 1 metre away (ALL FOREHAND) – 20 bounces
  2. Bounce the puck off the boards from 1 metre away (ALL BACKHAND) – 20 bounces
  3. Bounce the puck from forehand to backhand and back (this requires them to think about where they shoot) – 20 bounces

FOUR STATIONS 20 + minutes  (approximately 8 players per station)


  1. Partner pull across the ice using martial arts belts.

(Across ice between red line and blue line)

Step 1 Martial arts belts around the waist pull across ice and back.

Vocab: “Pull hard. Dig your edges in. Make your partner work for it.”

Step 2 Transition to a one arm pull around two pylons

Note this will result in some loss of control as the try to turn while pulling a partner.

Vocab: “ This drill requires both of you to cooperate. Hold on to the belt with one hand. The first player will pull the other one around the two pylons. Then you will switch. When you go around the pylon something weird is going to happen – you my find it hard to get them to follow you around the pylon!” IF TIME INSTRUCTORS MAY WANT TO PULL PLAYERS IN A CIRCLE – they will need to really dig their edges in.


(Instructor at the side of net to player who starts at ringette line at least 5 metres out)

Vocab: “I am going to pass the puck towards the pylon. I want you to skate in and take a shot on net without stopping. Try to shoot the puck as soon as you get it.”


  1. Three player attack ( Start at blue line)

One player skates puck behind the net passes to one of two players out front who then passes to the other player who shoots.

Vocab: “This is a four step drill: First you need to get the puck behind the net. Second you need to get both players in front in a position where the player behind the net can pass to one of you. Third you need to keep your stick on the ice ready to receive the pass. Fourth you need to pass to the other player out front who will shoot on the PVC goalie.”

  1. Stick handle through the 10 smaller pylons (use two lines to avoid bottle necks)

(Across ice between the blue line and red line)

Vocab: “ First let’s look at stick handling and why we do it. We stick handle so we can bring the puck with us when we change direction or to deke out another player. When you stick handle you need to turn your stick to cradle the puck. This means that you have to let the stick twist inside your lower glove. The secret is to let your top hand do the twisting while the lower hand is looser.

NOW FOR THE DRILL – we will do it Four ways. A. First skate with the pylons between your legs. B. Skate to the right of the pylons. C. Skate to the left of the pylons D. Skate between the pylons”


Three man saucer push race (one in, two push)  -three laps change each lap.

VOCAB: “ Be careful not to bump into anyone else or bump into the boards.”



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