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FOCUS: Since this is our last practice I want to “practice” what we will do for our SKILLS FUN DAY APRIL 13. This will require parent volunteers to be on ice so they can see what we will do.


22 Small weighted pylons,  2 PVC Goalies, 10 large size pylons, 10 medium pylons, 30 Buckets, blue pucks, ringette rings

4 NETS ,  Clamp on targets?

WARM UP (No more than 5 minutes) – JUST SKATE!

This will give parents and their children a chance to skate together


Do to falling down at the boards we are moving to   RINGETTE LINE TO RINGETTE LINE

  1.       Fast as you can  
  2.       One foot push one length then other foot
  3.       Feet together apart
  4.       Twist and move (open hip slalom)
  5.       Forward backward transition at each line
  6.       Backward skate to the red line
  7.       Stop, drop to knees, get up go to next line  (blue red blue)
  8.       Stop at each line and wave looking at stands
  9.       Superman dive


6 stations (we will try to get through them all)

Oval Skate

Two times around a two pylon course starting and ending at the midpoint.

Scored on time

Forward, stop, drop, backwards shuffle

Skate forward full stop , drop to knees, get up backwards skate back to finish line.

Scored on time

Bucket push through a slalom pylon course

Bucket push through 8 large pylons set in a slalom pattern

Scored on time

Ringette stickhandling through a straight pylon course

Straight line of 20 pylons. Pylons between legs.

Scored on time with penalties for missed pylons

Fastest/ accurate shot into the net with a PVC GOALIE ( 2 nets – forehand / backhand)

10 pucks spread in front of net in a 10 foot line 10 feet away from the net

Number of goals and time to break ties

Accuracy targets passing

10 pucks laid out in a line 5 backhand 5 forehand passes to hit “target” on ice (bucket)

Scored on targets hit and time to break ties





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The IP2 goalie gear is stored during the off season in Merivale arena. I will be getting it from each team according to the schedule below:

Teams 9 and 10 after the Saturday April 5 practice

Teams 11,12,13,14, after your games Wednesday April 9

Teams 15,16,17,18 after your games Saturday April 12 

Please take a minute to make sure it is all there.

I am still missing the left handed trapper and I will need to get back the goalie gear I loaned the parent who also had a left handed goalie. 

This last two weeks has been a little crazy as we try to shoot the video footage we need before we are “Timbit  Challenged”. I think things went very well and when they are done the videos will be a great resource for next year’s IP1’s and IP2’s.

I was really pleased to see that many players and instructors out and especially pleased to see Alex Sperberg our NMHA Mentor Development coach for House league. Alex and I are trying to organize things so what I do in IP smoothly connects to what he would like to see done in the NMHA.

When I originally planned the series I had in mind a series of ” how to videos” featuring several different aspects of skating. The videos were to be on youtube and connected to the blog as well as the NMHA site. That is still the plan but the content has evolved in a different direction.

 Our new video list will include:

Introduction to the NMHA Initiation Program – for Players and their fans

What to expect at NMHA Timbit practices

What to expect at NMHA Timbit games

How to select and size skates

How to select and put on your protective hockey equipment

How to select and tape a hockey stick

How they sharpen skates commercially

How to put on goalie pads

How to teach a beginning skater

The basic four skills of skating

How to score your first goal

How to be a goalie

Saturday we added goPro shots for that trendy look and no doubt there will be a few “holes” that will need to be filled both on and off the ice.

All in all this has been a great first step. I wonder how many people who read this will do a project like this NEXT year with older players?

As everyone should know by now we have 1 set of left handed goalie gloves that need to be used and returned so the next left handed goalie can use them. This is the second time in two weeks that we have not had them returned. We currently have one but we are missing the other part of the set.Could everyone check their team bag. With games at the Bellsensplexat 6:15 and 7:15 I am not sure if we can get them there but I hope it can be worked out.I will be running the IP1’s at Walter Baker.


Thanks to all the parents, instructors and of course Timbits an d a few older Timbits who came out tonight. I’m sure everyone came away with anew understanding of the film industry.Special thanks to Patrick and Alex – two great coaches and of course to Errol Morel who did the video work and now has the task of shuffling it all together. Special thanks to Karen Russell for the two hours of ice. One way or another those players all got an extra two hours of skating with instruction…A win for everyone! We are not finished shooting – we will finish a few last minute things at practice Saturday.


SPECIAL REQUEST  I asked for one or two Timbits to come to Play It Again in Barrhaven for 10:00 so they can be the models as we explain how to select and size equipment. It will only take about 90 minutes. I diddn’t get an answer from anyone. 

I am desperate. Can anyone spring their child from school for 90 minutes – I will buy McDonald’s if a bribe is needed!!.

Pleas call me at home 825-9863 if you can help me out…

Thursday Mar 27  8 pm  – 10 pm  we will be shooting videos in Walter Baker A .

The intent is to have a whole series of short videos on youtube that parents and players can access to answer some of the more obvious questions.

The hope is to shoot most of what we need on ice for the videos:

1. Teaching the beginner to skate – skating aids

2. Skating forward with power

3. Stopping

4. Skating backwards

5. Puck control

6. Shooting and scoring (This is why we needed some goalies)’

I will try to get everyone into the video by getting everyone on camera.

Before any shots are posted I will get approval from the parents.

This is an exciting moment for the NMHA  Initiation Program.


FOCUS: Edge control, power in forward skating, skating backwards, stick handling, shooting

NOTE: We also will be using the GoPro camera on instructors for this time.


GoPro camera and harness, 22 Small weighted pylons + stickhandling apparatus , 2 PVC Goalies, 10 medium size pylons, 20 Buckets, blue pucks, 6 tires, 4 NETS + 2 smaller nets with targets

WARM UP (No more than 5 minutes)

Stickhandling with pucks SHOOTING ON NETS BUT NO GOALIES ALLOWED ie stickhandle the length of the ice, shoot, pick up a new puck and go to the other end

ALL IN (15 minutes)

Due to falling down at the boards we are moving to  RINGETTE LINE TO RINGETTE LINE

      1.  Fast as you can  

2.      Two knees at every line

3.      One foot push one length then other foot

4.      Plane skate

5.      Feet together apart

6.      Slalom

7.      Twist and move (open hip slalom)

8.      Forward backward transition at each line

9.      Stop at each line and wave looking at stands

10.  Fast as you can

 TEAMS TO OPPOSITE ENDS  (5 minutes maximum – including travel time)

Figure eight skate around the two circles…we have never done this but it will be done lots in Novice so best we teach it here!

It is very important that we slow them down and force them to concentrate on their crossovers.

SAFETY ISSUE: Collisions as they cross! :

Vocab  “KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. This is not a race – it is a chance to practice crossovers.”


6 STATIONS: ( 5 minutes each!) – assuming 34 players less than 6 per station

  1. Passing drill using orange buckets. USE TWO NETS    Simpler than last practice. Two lines of players with irregular gaps in a row of buckets.   Vocab: “The buckets are just like a player on the other team. You need to be able to pass by them to get the puck to your team. DO NOT HIT THE BUCKETS. You will need to communicate with your partner to make sure they are ready for your pass. When you get to the net make sure the player with the clearest shot shoots and scores. ”    Encourage backhand passes since they often want to turn to their forehand.

 2 Stickhandling through a straight pylon course (North / south on one side of the rink beside the bucket drill)   Use two lines

Vocab: “THIS IS NOT A RACE – slow down and keep the puck under control. Remember to tilt your stick to cradle the puck. Keep the pylons between your legs (Different from last week).  DEMO REQUIRED HERE”

 3  Backward skating with lateral motion (across the ice between the blue line and the red line – LOTS of room so less chance of collision. We really want to focus on POWER and the ABILITY TO MOVE SIDE TO SIDE with stronger C pushes on one side.)

Vocab: “Skate backwards using “C” cuts and try to give one extra hard cut to one side. Stop then do the same thing but on the other side.” REALLY WORK ON THIS!!!

 4 Tire push (Across the ice from blue line to red line.

 SAFETY ISSUE: Watch for backward skaters.

Vocab: “We have pushed tires before. This drill is about POWER so we need to make sure our legs are in the power position with your knees bent and your skates under you.” You can add to this drill by asking players to push against each other – tire on tire or with each other – two tires together. SAFETY: IT IS BERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE PLSYERS PUSHING THE SAME TIRE IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS . DANGER OF STICK COMING UP AND SPEARING THE OPPOSITE PLAYER.

 5 Pass and shoot (one  line)  Ringette line in to end of the ice beside the goalie training)

Players pass to instructor then receive a pass back from instructor and then shoot

Vocab: “ Pass the puck to me and I will pass it back to you. Shoot on the net and get back in line DO NOT COME BACK THROUGH THE DRILL – STAY ON THE OUTSIDE SO YOU DON’T BUMP INTO THE OTHER PLAYERS.”

 6 Accurate shooting  (Use the two small nets on the side boards beside the goalie training.)

NOTE: We have not spent much time on teaching them the mechanism of shooting. This is a good time when you only have a few players to offer suggestions.

Vocab: “There are obvious holes in the covers on the net. Take your time and pick a hole and try to score. Try a backhand.”