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David MacDonald Memorial  2014 Timbits Funday is Sunday April 13 Walter Baker A from 8 – 1

Hockey Canada discourages “winners” in IP. Initiation is about having fun and learning to play the greatest game on earth. I have kept that in mind and at the same time have tried to produce a program that is exciting for our Timbits. We will be having a skills “challenge” to wrap up the year. Participants will have the chance to win ribbons in the events listed below. In addition, EVERY PLAYER will get a medal since this is the memorial event for David MacDonald the older brother of one of the IP1 instructors.


Ice: We have 5 hours of ice time for our season wrap up. We will not clean the ice every second clean time as we have all year. This will give us 5 minutes extra per ice time…so we have 280 minutes of fun. We have 10 teams to put through the skills challenge. We will NOT be dressing goalies for this – all players will “skate out”. We will do two teams at once (like in our practices). Ribbons will be given out by our bench reps off ice at the end of the sessions.


  1. Skating speed forwards
  2. Backwards skating
  3. Passing accuracy
  4. Slalom skating through pylons with puck
  5. Tire push
  6. Bucket push through pylons
  7. Shooting speed and accuracy
  8. Stop and start shuffle

In addition we will be having the SUPER GRAND PRIZE sponsored by Play It Again shot from the blue line into a hole in a board in front of the net. The price for this is top secret!

David Vesey 


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