IP2 PRACTICE OUTLINE Saturday Mar 22 Merivale 10 – 3

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FOCUS: Edge control – especially related to agility and balance, Passing, / shooting, skating backwards, stopping

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:22 Small weighted pylons, 10 medium size pylons, 30 Buckets, Blue pucks,Dog tennis balls, 4 Milk crates

WARM UP (No more than 5 minutes)

Stickhandling with tennis balls   SHOOTING ON NETS BUT NO GOALIES ALLOWED ie stickhandle the length of the ice, shoot, pick up a new ball and go to the other end

ALL IN (without  pucks there and back   RINGETTE LINE TO RINGETTE LINE) (10 minutes)

  1. Fast as you can
  2. Feet together apart
  3. Twist and move (open hip slalom)
  4. Forward backward transition at each line
  5. Stop at each line and wave looking at stands
  6. Fast as you can

Divide players in half (by team if possible) – to each side board to work on footwork


Assuming 30 players  that means 3 players per instructor = lots of personal attention.

  1.       One foot balance with alternate legs moving front to back in a slow swinging motion
  2.       Cross over straight line walking FORWARD DIRECTION ONLY
  3.       Jumping jacks (no arm movement) Together, apart
  4.       Walking cross over around a pylon both right and left
  5.       Four stop push off pivot and stop (Think 12,3,6 and 9)

4 STATIONS: ( 5-6 minutes each!)

  1. Passing drill around three orange buckets. Partners will be stationed about 8 feet apart with three buckets blocking the path between them.

Vocab: “The buckets are just like a player on the other team. You need to be able to pass by them to get the puck to your team. Pass on one side of the bucket then the other…DO NOT HIT THE BUCKETS. You will need to communicate with your partner to make sure they are ready for your pass.” Encourage backhand passes.

2.  Stickhandling through a straight pylon course (Down blue line)

Vocab: “THIS IS NOT A RACE – slow down and keep the puck under control. Remember to tilt your stick to cradle the puck. Keep the pylons between your legs (Different from last week).  DEMO REQUIRED HERE”

3. Backward skating with lateral motion (across the ice between the blue lines)

Vocab: “Skate backwards  using “C” cuts and try to give one extra hard cut to one side. Stop then do the same thing but on the other side.” REALLY WORK ON THIS!!

4. Passing accuracy (side boards in goalie end)

Vocab: “Being able to pass to someone is very important. I want you to try to hit each of  the green bins from where you are. Shoot hard.”

WRAP UP GAME: Freeze Tag 


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