Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

We will be running the first ever SKILLS DAY for both IP1 and IP2  It will be a fun and fast paced day for everyone. IP2 will be from 8 – 1 and IP1 from 1 – 5 . Like practice we will have two teams on ice for the hour, Each player will be getting a report card like record of their participation .In order to run the events I will need parent help both on the ice and on the benches.On that day EVERY player will receive a medal in memory of David MacDonald the older brother of Jonathan Mac Donald one of the IP1 instructors. In addition I have ordered “Award” medals for winners of the events.

The events will challenge all the Timbits to do their best. EVERYONE WILL WIN ON THAT DAY,

The events currently planned will be:

1. Skating as fast as you can

2. Skating through a pylon course

3. Stick handling

4. Accurate passing / shooting.

5. Backward skating

6. Tire power push

Every player will have a chance to shoot from the blue line and try to get the puck through a hole in a board across the net. Play It Again in Barrhaven – (Thanks Derek!) has generously donated prizes for any player who makes the shot!

Sounds like fun to me.


  1. Hi Dave. Im assuming that we are only there for an hour and not the full 4 hours. Do we know when that schedule comes out?

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