Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Next week we will begin our full ice games. The Friday games will be run by two instructors. They will be responsible for calling off sides, face offs and any other “event” that happens on ice,I need one or even better two parent volunteers per team on ice. They require helmets and gloves but not sticks. Removing sticks eleminates the potential that they get involved in the actual game play. One will work with the defence ensuring they protect the net and that they move up a little when the puck is in the attacking zone. The second parent will try to keep forwards from bunching up. This is not easy to pull off but at least we can try.Next year in Novice players will be on their own on a very big ice surface.I hope this will help their transition to full ice next year.

  1. Jason Stanley says:

    David, Thanks for this note. Just to confirm: do the on-ice parents need to be cleared by the NMHA to be on the ice with the players (i.e. certification with NHMA and/or registration with NMHA, signed waiver, etc.)?. Thanks, Jason (PS: let me know if I should go back and re-read one of your earlier posts on this 🙂 )

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