Posted: March 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thanks to all the parents, instructors and of course Timbits an d a few older Timbits who came out tonight. I’m sure everyone came away with anew understanding of the film industry.Special thanks to Patrick and Alex – two great coaches and of course to Errol Morel who did the video work and now has the task of shuffling it all together. Special thanks to Karen Russell for the two hours of ice. One way or another those players all got an extra two hours of skating with instruction…A win for everyone! We are not finished shooting – we will finish a few last minute things at practice Saturday.


SPECIAL REQUEST  I asked for one or two Timbits to come to Play It Again in Barrhaven for 10:00 so they can be the models as we explain how to select and size equipment. It will only take about 90 minutes. I diddn’t get an answer from anyone. 

I am desperate. Can anyone spring their child from school for 90 minutes – I will buy McDonald’s if a bribe is needed!!.

Pleas call me at home 825-9863 if you can help me out…


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