Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

This last two weeks has been a little crazy as we try to shoot the video footage we need before we are “Timbit  Challenged”. I think things went very well and when they are done the videos will be a great resource for next year’s IP1’s and IP2’s.

I was really pleased to see that many players and instructors out and especially pleased to see Alex Sperberg our NMHA Mentor Development coach for House league. Alex and I are trying to organize things so what I do in IP smoothly connects to what he would like to see done in the NMHA.

When I originally planned the series I had in mind a series of ” how to videos” featuring several different aspects of skating. The videos were to be on youtube and connected to the blog as well as the NMHA site. That is still the plan but the content has evolved in a different direction.

 Our new video list will include:

Introduction to the NMHA Initiation Program – for Players and their fans

What to expect at NMHA Timbit practices

What to expect at NMHA Timbit games

How to select and size skates

How to select and put on your protective hockey equipment

How to select and tape a hockey stick

How they sharpen skates commercially

How to put on goalie pads

How to teach a beginning skater

The basic four skills of skating

How to score your first goal

How to be a goalie

Saturday we added goPro shots for that trendy look and no doubt there will be a few “holes” that will need to be filled both on and off the ice.

All in all this has been a great first step. I wonder how many people who read this will do a project like this NEXT year with older players?


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