Posted: April 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

I currently do not have any lost and found items. If you are missing something enter a comment decribing what you are missing and I will post it. I AM MISSING A FEW THINGS:

Left goalie glove belonging to the NMHA 

5 sets of goalie gear have not been returned. If for some reason you are holding on to them (two teams made this request) then I need you to email me david.vesey@gmail.com  to inform me. The remaining bags will need to be returned asap.

Left Goalie trapper that I loaned to aparent in IP2 for their left handed son that has not been returned.

My black “X” gloves which I lent to a parent which have not been returned

Hopefully we can get all this tied up soon so we can finalize our needs for next year.


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