Posted: April 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many of the Timbits volunteered to be in the video series. The content of the series changed a little as we went though the process and changed form a “How to” approach to more of a “What to expect in IP” approach. This video series is a first step in a much longer process but this is where we are now:

Video 1 Overview of what IP is and isn’t including a funny look at my very full van.

Video 2 How to select and fit hockey gear including sticks

Video 3 How stores sharpen skates

Video 4 How to safely get on to the ice and learn to skate

Video 5 The not so crazy things that we sometimes do in practice

Video 6 Basic edge control in stopping, forward and backward skating

Video 7 How to dress a goalie

Video 8 How to score your first goal.

Before these will be published on youtube and linked to the NMHA website there are people who still need to look at them.

Thanks for all those who helped! More are coming…


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