Softball is over and the focus turns to Timbits – not the ones you eat …although they are really good!

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

As most readers know one of the joyful tasks I do in the community is as President of Barrhaven Children’s Softball.I have not added anything to the blog since the end of last years great season. I really miss those Timbits in IP2. It was a total bonus to see some of them registered in Barrhaven Children’s Softball.Last night was our Transition division Fun Night and family bbq. I was again amazed at the 100 or so players and their families enjoying active sporting activities without worrying about performance or who was going to win.An active life style that is started at a young age fosters a better, healthier and richer life.Sports helps people make friends. This applies not just to the players but their parents.It was great to see clumps of parents chatting and enjoying a hotdog or two – (We did serve over 500 free hotdogs) while their kids and grand kids went through the activities. One of the things I think is missing in the Timbits program is that connection between social eating and team spirit. Later in hockey team meals will be a “given” and an important part of being a team. I hope next year to see parents arrange team breakfasts after the practice.Once I get a schedule I will be able to assist teams in setting up some team breakfasts.

I meet with Karen Russell tonight to discuss several things.
One of the things is our series of videos we worked on at the end of last year. Errol Morel our video gut has done a great job…..More to come!


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