So what exactly should we teach Timbits so they are ready to continue playing hockey in Novice?

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

The three most obvious things everyone wants to see are:
1. Love of hockey and its culture
2. Understanding what it means to be part of a team
3. Commitment to improving skills by practice

So what skills do a Timbit really need to master ON THE ICE?
These are the top 10 things we will work on in both IP1 and IP2 this year:
1. Accelerate and skate hard
2. Change direction = understand their edges
3. Pivot in both directions
4. Protect the puck
5. Stop in both directions
6. Skate backwards in both directions
7. Skate with a puck while being aware of what is around them
8. Make and receive a pass
9. Take a forceful shot on net
10. Understand the 3 basic penalties:
i. Offside / icing
ii. Holding / hooking
iii. Contact

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