IP1 Practice outline for teams 9 – 18 Sept 20 Merivale 12- 5

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For the parents and instructors reading this – Every week I will publish the outline for the practice with its goals, activities and rationale. The hope is that parents will see why we do what we do and instructors will get an advanced explanation so they can be prepared to work with the Timbits.
Practice 1 Sept 20 5 – 12 Merivale Arena IP1 (first year) (about 38 players) teams 9-18
You will notice that teams 1-8 are IP2 and the higher numbered teams are actually IP1

We will have 7 instructors and hopefully 2 parent reps on ice
50 minutes of ice time – we will clean between the hours

We saw most of these players at the sorts. Less than half required skating aids so it is safe to plan for 12 skating aid players and 26 players without them. We will still need to get them safely and confidently on ice. We will still need to check all their equipment but especially skates, sticks, neck guards and mouth guards.
1.To evaluate the starting point for their skating skills
2.To show them the way a typical practice will be organized and the behaviour and safety issues that need to follow
3. To work on basic skating

WARM UP SKATE (Hopefully only 5 minutes but that will depend on how quickly we can get them all on the ice). Instructors it is always important for you to interact with the players so be upbeat, encouraging and personally engaging.

ALL IN AT CENTRE ICE (5 minutes)
Welcome and introductions
Equipment safety, what to do when they are hurt or tired or upset or thirsty
Review – What to do when they fall and how to get up

Orange buckets to one end and the rest to the other end
ALL IN ONE SIDE FROM BLUE LINE TO ICING LINE (15 minutes)– skate across the ice – orange buckets will be inside the blue line for the rest of the practice
2 x There and back as fast as they can
2 x There and back pushing with one foot …..SUPER IMPORTANT
2 x There and back – skate to half way then lift one foot then the other
2 x There and back skate to half way and glide to the boards on two feet
2 x There and back feet apart and together
2 x There and back as fast as you can

DIVIDE INTO THREE STATIONS (Rotate 1 to 2 to 3 to 1 etc) (about 8 – 9 per station)
5 minutes on task – so get organized!!
1. STOPPING inside the blue line
This is one of the most important foundational skills to teach so go slowly.
Players skate towards the boards and turn to stop and lift their back foot.
VOCAB: “I know some people think this is hard but I have a trick …skate forwards and then turn and lift your back foot. It doesn’t matter which way you turn just make sure you lift your back foot.”
2. TIRE PUSH across the ice between the blue and red lines
Partners – one pushes the tire across the ice with the blade of their stick in the centre (while partner follows) and their partner pushes it back.
VOCAB: “Push hard, Let me hear your skates dig in”
3. RINGETTE RINGS THROUGH THE PYLONS in the area between the bred and blue line
This is about finding out if players can turn both sides. Later we will add the fact that their arms help them turn.
Arrange the pylons in a wide serpentine path in three lines (6 pylons per line) This way three players can go at once making three right and three left turns with the ringette ring.
VOCAB: : “Turn your stick over so the butt end is in the ring, I want you to skate as fast as you can going around the pylons like a snake .
Don’t lose the ring PUSH DOWN ON IT. When you get to the other side wait.”
WRAP UP GAME: (5 minutes) FREEZE TAG Instructors are “it” first and if time the players will be “it”.
TUNNEL UP AND SAY GOODBYE – personal congrats to everyone!

ORANGE BUCKETS DAY 1 (inside the blue line) Both parent reps and 2 instructors
NOTE: It is important that they realize that they are having their own practice not just pushing buckets!
We need to develop three things
1.Bending knees, staying low and turning their feet so the side of their blade digs in
2.Pushing harder on one side or the other to turn
3.Balance and confidence off the bucket
1.Bucket march in place
Players lift one foot then another to the command right… left…right… left
VOCAB: “I want you to march like a soldier lift one foot then the other but do not push the bucket.”
2.Bucket merry go round
Players put one hand on the bucket and walk around it
VOCAB: “Now I know you can march I want you to hold on to the bucket with one hand and walk around it. Do it both ways.”
3.Bucket push
Push the buckets back and forth across the ice
VOCAB “Bend your knees, turn your feet to the outside and push hard!!”
4.Bucket soccer ( 1 ball per person)
VOCAB: “ Push your soccer ball all the way across the ice and back. Keep the ball on your bucket don’t hit it.”
5.Bucket circle push
VOCAB: “Push your bucket around the outside of the circle using your outside leg only.”
6.Bucket slalom through pylons
VOCAB: “ Push the bucket around the pylons .”
7.Buckets assemble or bucket push with some friends?
VOCAB: “This is like the Transformers … I want you to bring all your buckets together and push.”

At the end of this try to get them to skate at least a little without buckets.

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