Hockey videos are ready for viewing

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last year I began a process to create a series of youtube based videos designed to help people new to hockey get some of their questions answered. This was made possible by the volunteer efforts of Errol Morel – our videographer. To date we have finished 5 videos and are working on 7 more. This year’s instructors have committed to complete the project.Four of the videos are on the NMHA website on the left side of the main page. The rest will be added as soon as they are done. Our current list includes:

Choosing the correct equipment

How to choose and tape a stick

How to successfully start to skate

What to expect from a Timbit practice – or just how much equipment does coach Dave have in his van?

Eliminating the mystery in skate sharpening

How to dress a goalie

How to stick handle

How to shoot

How to score

How to get more power in forward skating

How to skate backwards

How to stop




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