No one wants to see Timbit tears!

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

No one likes to see Timbit tears. It is very important to handle tears in a way that will not jeopardise the player’s love of hockey and future opinion on physical activity as a lifestyle. Timbits are young and for many the ice is a scary place – away from mom and dad. I cannot stop a child from crying but I can do a few things to help the situation:

  1. I can ask them why they are crying… and listen to what is really bothering them.
  2. I can promise them that my only job is to make them the best skater possible.
  3. I can promise them that I will never force them to do anything.
  4. I can remind them that all anybody can ask of them is that they try and that everyone learns at a different pace.
  5. I can reassure them that lots of people who stared just like them became really good skaters.
  6. I can promise them that their instructors will never be mean to them.
  7. … and I cannot give in on the first tear… because sometimes people just need a push away from that escape hatch.

Based on 35 years of teaching and coaching I can guarantee that everyone can learn to skate and have fun on ice. Both my instructors and our Timbits have done a great job in their first practice session. It will be a season of big smiles.


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