What’s with those black pucks?

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Some of you might have noticed a few (10) black pucks mixed in with the normal  blue pucks we use. Hockey Canada mandates the use of the lighter blue pucks. The black ones  were actually foam pucks I wanted to try out. I wanted a potentially safer way to teach our goaltenders but wanted to verify that these foam pucks worked like the blue ones. Note: More on how we will train goalies in a later blog. For the record I am now a huge fan of these foam pucks and I will buy a bunch more. I personally buy the equipment we use on ice in IP1 and IP2 so I try to be careful not to make bad decisions – (Vesey family bankruptcy is not an option!) The science guy in me also likes to try things out before I fully commit to using them. From time to time you will see different items appearing on ice – usually during warm up just to see how they work and how the players respond to them.


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