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Oct 25 IP2 Merivale 9 – 1   (9)

David Carson Zach Sam
Jamie Owen Patrick Adam S Amy


Today is picture day before the practice so players MAY get on ice a little late. For this reason we will have a longer warm up activity.

Goalie training starts next week but two teams have indicated they will be suiting up goalies so we will spend a little time with these players mainly working on balance , stance and skating with pads.

WARM UP ACTIVITY  Skate with pucks

ALL IN one end

Fast as you can

Stop at every line

Transition forward / backward at every line

Repeat these with pucks (HEADS UP!)

FOUR STATIONS (Approximately 10 players and 2 instructors per station)

  1. Two on none with one player going behind the net and passing out to their partner who shoots (no goalie this week)

Location: Centred on faceoff circle starting at the blue line

VOCAB: “I want you to cooperate to score – One player will take the puck behind the net and pass it out to their partner who will have their stick on the ice ready to shoot.”

  1. Shooting against the boards using three different shots (forehand, backhand, slapshot)

Location: Spread out along the boards from the blue line in

VOCAB: “There are lots of different ways to shoot a puck. Today I want you to try three different shots.” EXPLAIN HAND AND FOOT PLACEMENT – this also will help them predict the bounce off the boards.

  1. Stopping both ways

Location: Red line to blue line

VOCAB: “Learning to stop takes practice. Stopping involves three different steps: Skating, turning your body and digging your edge in so you glide to a stop.”

  1. Cross ice and pass and shoot on net

Location: Across the ice inside the blue line

VOCAB: “ Form two lines. You and your partner will pass the puck back and forth through the spaces in the orange buckets and then one of you will shoot. When you have shot skate BACKWARDS to the start and switch to the other line so you can learn to pass using BOTH your forehand and backhand.”

WRAP UP ACTIVITY (If we have time – Chariot race one partner on their knees.)


Practice Outline IP1 Oct 27, 2014 Oct 25 IP1 Bell 3-8 (5)

David Jack Adam S Tyler Dylan

We are really short on instructors this week so we will need the help of our on ice parent reps.

Since we are short instructors I would like to take part of the practice to show players how we will run our games which start in a few weeks. We will play two mini games across ice using the four nets. This will require two parent reps from each team since we will split the teams in half. ON A REAL GAME NIGHT THERE WILL BE FOUR TEAMS ON THE ICE NOT JUST TWO.

When games start in mid November we will need to get all our orange buckets ready to go since there will not be orange buckets in the games. I think most of them should be ready to go after a few more practices.

WARM UP  – JUST SKATE no pucks

ALL IN one end

Fast as you can

One foot push

Stick on knees glide

Fall at every line

Fast as you can

FOUR STATIONS (one instructor per station) Both parent reps will be needed with the orange buckets.

  1. One foot push around the circles – then change direction DO NOT DO A FIGURE EIGHT PATTERN

Location:  one end using one faceoff circle

VOCAB: “It is really important that you turn your foot and push. All your power comes from digging your edge in and pushing hard.”

  1. Skate with puck around an obstacle and shoot on net

Location: Two lines (2 nets) with orange bucket “opponents”

VOCAB: “This is a simple drill – just skate around the orange buckets and score on the net with your hardest shot then skate back without getting in the way of other players.”

  1. Stopping facing both ways

Location: Across ice inside the red line

VOCAB: “Being able to stop is really important. It takes practice. Stopping has three parts: skating , turning your body and digging your edge in and sliding to a stop.”

  1. Passing and shooting – one line and one net

Location: Blue line in to one faceoff circle

VOCAB: “We will be playing games soon and I want you to practices passing the puck to a team mate who will score. I want you to skate towards the net and when you reach the opening in the line of orange buckets I want you to pass to your partner who will shoot at the net. When you have shot skate back to the other line.


NOTE: Orange buckets will use the other half of this end of the ice.


Half of each team goes to the player’s bench at each end.

Cross ice mini game using the four nets.

Practice Outline IP2 Oct 18, 2014, Bell Arena 3- 7

Oct 18 IP2 Bell 3- 7 (6 instructors – a little short even with parents on ice)

David Dylan Jack Tyler Owen
Patrick Megan?

Time to get our players handling pucks!

WARM UP Skate with pucks ( 5 minutes)

ALL IN (PART ONE at one end)

Fast as you can

Fall at every line

Stop at every line

Forward to backward skating transition at every line

PART TWO SPREAD OUT ALONG SIDE BOARDS from ringette to ringette line

Push the puck to the far boards and stop SNOW SHOVEL  x 2

Bounce the puck off the boards and recover  x 2

4 STATIONS: (9 skaters per station)

  1. One timer drill

Location: One end – crease area

VOCAB: “I will pass you the puck. I want you to go where the puck is and turn your body and take the shot without stopping.”

  1. Pylon skate in a straight line (one step push)

Location: Down the blue line

VOCAB: “I want you to skate through the pylons using a one foot push. “

  1. Bucket push through a serpentine pylon path

Location: Down the blue line and red line area

VOCAB: “This is a foot work drill. I want you to push your bucket around these pylons.”

  1. Passing drill

Location: Normal crease area

VOCAB: “ Line up in two lines. I want you and your partner to pass the puck back and forth and then take a shot on net. Make sure the player who shoots is “in the open”…the whole idea is to trick me  – I will be the goalie.”

WRAP UP GAME  Blob race with two people per tire through a pylon course

Practice outline IP1 Oct 18, 2014 Merivale arena 8 – 1

Oct 18 IP1 Merivale 8- 1 (10 instructors)

David Jacob Adam Sam Joseph
Leo Zach Megan Adriano Jamie

Hopefully almost all of our orange buckets are ready to graduate. It is important that we keep the pressure on them to keep trying. Megan still has the lead on this with our two parent helpers.

WARM UP (5 minutes) Skate with pucks and the four mini nets. Encourage them to shoot and then find another puck. NO GOALIES – for safety reasons

ALL IN (under 15 minutes)

Fast as you can

Hop every line

Fall at every line and get back up

Stick on knees and glide

Apart /  together

Fast as you can

Six stations (5 – 6 skaters per station = more hands on instruction) 5 minutes per station

  1. Backward skating

Location: Inside the ringette line

VOCAB: “I want to hear your skates when you make those C cuts. Don’t lean on your stick.”

  1. Pylon skate with orange buckets through a serpentine course with tall pylons.

Location: between the ringette line and the blue line

VOCAB: “ I want you to put down your stick and get one orange bucket. Keep both hands on the bucket at all times as you go through the pylons. I should be able to hear your skates digging into the ice.”

  1. Pylon skate through a straight line of pylons.

Location: straight down the red line

VOCAB: “I want you to push with one foot then the other as you go through these pylons. Right, left , right left…”

  1. Passing

Location down the blue line starting half way from the boards.

VOCAB: “I want you to form two lines. You and your partner need to pass the puck back and forth until you reach the net.”

  1. One timer shooting on net

Location: side boards on the blue line

VOCAB: “ I will pass you the puck and I want you to skate to the puck and take a shot on net. This is called a one timer because you shoot right away. Remember to turn your body sideways to the net to take the shot”

  1. Stopping

Location: One face off circle

VOCAB: “ I want to work on stopping. Stopping has three steps – skating , turning and digging in your edges.”

Due to having 6 stations we will not have a wrap up game.

Why I love my instructors

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Being an instructor is a job where you are always on display. By their very nature young children are unpredictable. It is the job of the instructors to keep the experience positive and on track. I told my instructors that I did not want them to work too hard…instead I wanted them to share the joy they have for the game of hockey. I have now seen them four times and I have seen behaviour that I am very pleased with. Since I need to balance the work of 20 instructors I really do appreciate when they make my job so easy.Nine hours just seems to fly by!

My instructors have:

1. Always arrived on time when they said they could work.

2. Almost always read the blog explaining what we are doing

3 Followed the practice plan or improved it

4. Have shown a genuine excitement to be there

5. Have shown a genuine concern for our Timbits

6. Have always come filled with smiles and left the same way.

7.Have done an amazing job working with the Timbits that occasionally fall behind

Our Timbits and the NMHA is well served by these great “kids”.

As I have stated before let me know if you ever see something you need explained or that worries you.


In praise of parents on ice

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have worked with the NMHA for three years to create a system for parents to actively help their Timbits by being on ice. It has always seemed logical that we should engage parents in the fun of being on ice with their players. These parents will form the nucleus of the Novice division coaching group. Next year the communication between Novice and the Initiation program can only be stronger if there is better communication between instructors and parents.

There was some reluctance to have parents on ice. This probably based on the limited ability to “control” parents once they got on ice. As I stated at the parent meeting parents on ice are there to help and are under the direct supervision of the Head Instructor. Parents on ice who have any concerns should “skate them to me”. The first three weeks have gone very well. Parents have been a huge help on ice. Having a designated “on ice parent” has created a system where interested parents can really get involved. Remember the practice plans will always be posted on this blog. It is assumed that every person (instructors and parents) will have read the blog before coming to the practice. I am excited about the expanding role of parents in fostering the love of hockey in our Timbits.

From time to time players will show up with some item of their gear missing. I purchased a few more items at Play It Again yesterday and now I think I will have what players may need. This gear supply is designed to eliminate a short term problem not be a permanent solution.. The items are not for sale or “permanent borrow” – so please return them to the bin right after their use. I think the best way to make these available is to keep them in a plastic bin. The one exception to this are mouth guards. I purchased 10 of these for $10 each and they can not be returned. I am still waiting to get paid for the mouth guard I “loaned” two weeks ago.

From time to time gear will be left at the arena. There is no perfect way to deal with this. Every arena has a lost and found box (usually in the office where the Zamboni driver works). Since some players will use this gear for events other than the Timbits program I am worried that if I take it then parents will not be able to get it as easily once they realize the item is lost.

So the policy…..

1. I will bring any gear left behind at the end of the block of time I am scheduled at the arena home and then will post a list on this blog. So under thius system parents will need to call me to arrange a time to come to retrieve the item.

2. Bench reps who see gear from their team should just take it with them so that it will make it back to the team the next week. If you email me then I will post it on the blog. By now every team should have established a communication network. If your team has not yet done that then you should at the very least arrange an email system. A facebook page dedicated to the team works very well.

To date I have no lost and found items.

Sort of related… If ever your child outgrows a piece of gear I would be happy to receive them in the bin. This saves me the expense of buying gear. The amount of money I can direct to buying gear is limited and every donation helps.