Practice Outline for IP1 Oct 4 2014 Merivale Arena 8 – 1

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Practice Outline for IP1 Oct 4 2014 Merivale  Arena 8 – 1

Overall: Our orange buckets are really improving but will need another two or three weeks before they can join the whole group. I will need both parent reps to join three instructors for this group. We will be doing our own version of ALL IN for the orange buckets.

The skating in the rest of the group is improving but my guess is that they do not know why they are asked to do some things. I would like to spend a little more time on instruction at each of our stations.

WARM UP  (Time dependent on getting all players on ice – this will get better!) Skate with pucks The emphasis should be on passing and skating while pushing a puck – not on shooting.

FROM NOW ON – WATER BOTTLES ON THE BENCH WITH THE BENCH REPS– Please put the player’s name on the bottle.

ALL IN ON THE RINGETTE LINE  Note : Orange buckets will be on one end of the ice  inside the ringette line. All activities are skate to the far end, stop and wait …. then skate back:

Fast as you can

One foot push (One foot one way. One foot the other)

Skate to red line and two foot glide to end with stick across the knees

Skate to the red line and glide on one foot with stick across the knees) Fall to two knees on every line and get back up

Apart / together

Fast as you can


4 stations (6 minutes per station):

  1. Outside foot push around the faceoff circles both ways

Location: BOTH faceoff circles in one end

Goal: To force players to push off to the side to get forward momentum

VOCAB: “I want you to use your outside foot to push yourself around the faceoff circle. Your outside foot does all the work – your inside foot just stays on the circle”

  1. Resistance skate across the ice towing a partner

Location: Across the ice – between the blue line and red line

Goal: To force players to dig in their edges, bend their knees and lean forward as they skate

VOCAB: “I want you to pull your partner across the ice. I want to hear your edges dig into the ice!”

SAFETY CONCERN: Players must hold on to the martial arts belt so it does not fall down around their ankles and trip them. Players who are being towed need to offer some resistance.

  1. Cross ice skate with puck, ending in shot on a net with PVC goalie (2 nets)  with no obstacles to stick handle around

Location:  Across the ice between the red and blue lines

Goal: To work on receiving a pass, carrying the puck and shooting “where the goalie isn’t”

VOCAB: “I will pass the puck to you – I want you to skate across the ice and shot at the net. Remember to shoot where the goalie isn’t . When you have taken your shot do not get in the other player’s way when you are skating back“

  1. One foot /other foot pylon skate (pylons in a slight serpentine path offset about two feet apart)

Location Across the ice between the blue line and the ringette line

Goal: To work on balance

VOCAB: “In order to skate you need to have good balance.  Skate to the first pylon and step over it with one foot, skate to the next pylon and step over it with your other foot.”


CLOSE OUT GAME:   Don’t let the Shark get you!

Instructors slowly skate around the circles. On the whistle the players must try to get to a circle without being tagged. 5 safe circles – and five sharks… enough said!



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