In praise of parents on ice

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have worked with the NMHA for three years to create a system for parents to actively help their Timbits by being on ice. It has always seemed logical that we should engage parents in the fun of being on ice with their players. These parents will form the nucleus of the Novice division coaching group. Next year the communication between Novice and the Initiation program can only be stronger if there is better communication between instructors and parents.

There was some reluctance to have parents on ice. This probably based on the limited ability to “control” parents once they got on ice. As I stated at the parent meeting parents on ice are there to help and are under the direct supervision of the Head Instructor. Parents on ice who have any concerns should “skate them to me”. The first three weeks have gone very well. Parents have been a huge help on ice. Having a designated “on ice parent” has created a system where interested parents can really get involved. Remember the practice plans will always be posted on this blog. It is assumed that every person (instructors and parents) will have read the blog before coming to the practice. I am excited about the expanding role of parents in fostering the love of hockey in our Timbits.


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