Why I love my instructors

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Being an instructor is a job where you are always on display. By their very nature young children are unpredictable. It is the job of the instructors to keep the experience positive and on track. I told my instructors that I did not want them to work too hard…instead I wanted them to share the joy they have for the game of hockey. I have now seen them four times and I have seen behaviour that I am very pleased with. Since I need to balance the work of 20 instructors I really do appreciate when they make my job so easy.Nine hours just seems to fly by!

My instructors have:

1. Always arrived on time when they said they could work.

2. Almost always read the blog explaining what we are doing

3 Followed the practice plan or improved it

4. Have shown a genuine excitement to be there

5. Have shown a genuine concern for our Timbits

6. Have always come filled with smiles and left the same way.

7.Have done an amazing job working with the Timbits that occasionally fall behind

Our Timbits and the NMHA is well served by these great “kids”.

As I have stated before let me know if you ever see something you need explained or that worries you.



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