Practice outline IP1 Oct 18, 2014 Merivale arena 8 – 1

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Practice outline IP1 Oct 18, 2014 Merivale arena 8 – 1

Oct 18 IP1 Merivale 8- 1 (10 instructors)

David Jacob Adam Sam Joseph
Leo Zach Megan Adriano Jamie

Hopefully almost all of our orange buckets are ready to graduate. It is important that we keep the pressure on them to keep trying. Megan still has the lead on this with our two parent helpers.

WARM UP (5 minutes) Skate with pucks and the four mini nets. Encourage them to shoot and then find another puck. NO GOALIES – for safety reasons

ALL IN (under 15 minutes)

Fast as you can

Hop every line

Fall at every line and get back up

Stick on knees and glide

Apart /  together

Fast as you can

Six stations (5 – 6 skaters per station = more hands on instruction) 5 minutes per station

  1. Backward skating

Location: Inside the ringette line

VOCAB: “I want to hear your skates when you make those C cuts. Don’t lean on your stick.”

  1. Pylon skate with orange buckets through a serpentine course with tall pylons.

Location: between the ringette line and the blue line

VOCAB: “ I want you to put down your stick and get one orange bucket. Keep both hands on the bucket at all times as you go through the pylons. I should be able to hear your skates digging into the ice.”

  1. Pylon skate through a straight line of pylons.

Location: straight down the red line

VOCAB: “I want you to push with one foot then the other as you go through these pylons. Right, left , right left…”

  1. Passing

Location down the blue line starting half way from the boards.

VOCAB: “I want you to form two lines. You and your partner need to pass the puck back and forth until you reach the net.”

  1. One timer shooting on net

Location: side boards on the blue line

VOCAB: “ I will pass you the puck and I want you to skate to the puck and take a shot on net. This is called a one timer because you shoot right away. Remember to turn your body sideways to the net to take the shot”

  1. Stopping

Location: One face off circle

VOCAB: “ I want to work on stopping. Stopping has three steps – skating , turning and digging in your edges.”

Due to having 6 stations we will not have a wrap up game.


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