Practice outline Oct 18, 2014 IP2 Bell Arena 3-7

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Practice Outline IP2 Oct 18, 2014, Bell Arena 3- 7

Oct 18 IP2 Bell 3- 7 (6 instructors – a little short even with parents on ice)

David Dylan Jack Tyler Owen
Patrick Megan?

Time to get our players handling pucks!

WARM UP Skate with pucks ( 5 minutes)

ALL IN (PART ONE at one end)

Fast as you can

Fall at every line

Stop at every line

Forward to backward skating transition at every line

PART TWO SPREAD OUT ALONG SIDE BOARDS from ringette to ringette line

Push the puck to the far boards and stop SNOW SHOVEL  x 2

Bounce the puck off the boards and recover  x 2

4 STATIONS: (9 skaters per station)

  1. One timer drill

Location: One end – crease area

VOCAB: “I will pass you the puck. I want you to go where the puck is and turn your body and take the shot without stopping.”

  1. Pylon skate in a straight line (one step push)

Location: Down the blue line

VOCAB: “I want you to skate through the pylons using a one foot push. “

  1. Bucket push through a serpentine pylon path

Location: Down the blue line and red line area

VOCAB: “This is a foot work drill. I want you to push your bucket around these pylons.”

  1. Passing drill

Location: Normal crease area

VOCAB: “ Line up in two lines. I want you and your partner to pass the puck back and forth and then take a shot on net. Make sure the player who shoots is “in the open”…the whole idea is to trick me  – I will be the goalie.”

WRAP UP GAME  Blob race with two people per tire through a pylon course


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