Practice Outline IP1 Oct 25, Bell Arena 3-8

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Practice Outline IP1 Oct 27, 2014 Oct 25 IP1 Bell 3-8 (5)

David Jack Adam S Tyler Dylan

We are really short on instructors this week so we will need the help of our on ice parent reps.

Since we are short instructors I would like to take part of the practice to show players how we will run our games which start in a few weeks. We will play two mini games across ice using the four nets. This will require two parent reps from each team since we will split the teams in half. ON A REAL GAME NIGHT THERE WILL BE FOUR TEAMS ON THE ICE NOT JUST TWO.

When games start in mid November we will need to get all our orange buckets ready to go since there will not be orange buckets in the games. I think most of them should be ready to go after a few more practices.

WARM UP  – JUST SKATE no pucks

ALL IN one end

Fast as you can

One foot push

Stick on knees glide

Fall at every line

Fast as you can

FOUR STATIONS (one instructor per station) Both parent reps will be needed with the orange buckets.

  1. One foot push around the circles – then change direction DO NOT DO A FIGURE EIGHT PATTERN

Location:  one end using one faceoff circle

VOCAB: “It is really important that you turn your foot and push. All your power comes from digging your edge in and pushing hard.”

  1. Skate with puck around an obstacle and shoot on net

Location: Two lines (2 nets) with orange bucket “opponents”

VOCAB: “This is a simple drill – just skate around the orange buckets and score on the net with your hardest shot then skate back without getting in the way of other players.”

  1. Stopping facing both ways

Location: Across ice inside the red line

VOCAB: “Being able to stop is really important. It takes practice. Stopping has three parts: skating , turning your body and digging your edge in and sliding to a stop.”

  1. Passing and shooting – one line and one net

Location: Blue line in to one faceoff circle

VOCAB: “We will be playing games soon and I want you to practices passing the puck to a team mate who will score. I want you to skate towards the net and when you reach the opening in the line of orange buckets I want you to pass to your partner who will shoot at the net. When you have shot skate back to the other line.


NOTE: Orange buckets will use the other half of this end of the ice.


Half of each team goes to the player’s bench at each end.

Cross ice mini game using the four nets.

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