Practice Outline IP2 Oct 25, 2014 Merivale Arena 9 – 1

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Oct 25 IP2 Merivale 9 – 1   (9)

David Carson Zach Sam
Jamie Owen Patrick Adam S Amy


Today is picture day before the practice so players MAY get on ice a little late. For this reason we will have a longer warm up activity.

Goalie training starts next week but two teams have indicated they will be suiting up goalies so we will spend a little time with these players mainly working on balance , stance and skating with pads.

WARM UP ACTIVITY  Skate with pucks

ALL IN one end

Fast as you can

Stop at every line

Transition forward / backward at every line

Repeat these with pucks (HEADS UP!)

FOUR STATIONS (Approximately 10 players and 2 instructors per station)

  1. Two on none with one player going behind the net and passing out to their partner who shoots (no goalie this week)

Location: Centred on faceoff circle starting at the blue line

VOCAB: “I want you to cooperate to score – One player will take the puck behind the net and pass it out to their partner who will have their stick on the ice ready to shoot.”

  1. Shooting against the boards using three different shots (forehand, backhand, slapshot)

Location: Spread out along the boards from the blue line in

VOCAB: “There are lots of different ways to shoot a puck. Today I want you to try three different shots.” EXPLAIN HAND AND FOOT PLACEMENT – this also will help them predict the bounce off the boards.

  1. Stopping both ways

Location: Red line to blue line

VOCAB: “Learning to stop takes practice. Stopping involves three different steps: Skating, turning your body and digging your edge in so you glide to a stop.”

  1. Cross ice and pass and shoot on net

Location: Across the ice inside the blue line

VOCAB: “ Form two lines. You and your partner will pass the puck back and forth through the spaces in the orange buckets and then one of you will shoot. When you have shot skate BACKWARDS to the start and switch to the other line so you can learn to pass using BOTH your forehand and backhand.”

WRAP UP ACTIVITY (If we have time – Chariot race one partner on their knees.)


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