IP 2 Practice outline Saturday Nov 8, 2014 Merivale 9 – 1

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IP2 Practice Outline Nov 8, 2014  Merivale 9 – 1  (10) (Goalie training)

David Matt Leo Adriano Sam
Patrick Owen Dylan Jack Jamie

Due to some instructors changing their assignments we have 10 instructors for IP2 and will be a little short (7) for IP1 especially since we still have a few orange buckets in IP1.

WARM UP: Skate with pucks

ALL IN: hopefully a little shorter to leave time for 6 stations 

Fast as you can

Apart / together

Stick on knee glide

Stop at every line (X 2)

Forward backward transition

Six stations in addition to goalie training NOTE 5 MINUTES EACH

  1. Two on none with two passes in front of the net and a pass from behind the net to score on “active” PVC goalie

Location: centred on the faceoff circle beside the goalie training (DYLAN)

Description: They have done this a few times now so it should run smoothly. The two key components are passing “hard” and getting into an open position in front of the net.

  1. Balance skate

Location: Between blue line and red line

Description: Two rows of offset pylons. Players start in the middle and zig zag skate to each pylon and lift their outer foot.

  1. Straight line pylon skate

Location: Down the red line

Description: 10 large pylons in a straight line with the emphasis on getting a one foot push.

  1. Backward skating with partner using hoola hoop

Location : Between red line and blue line

Description: The partner is there for three reasons – safety to avoid collisions, to help “push” the backward skater and to keep the backward skater’s knees bent

  1. Stick handling with a puck

Location: Centred on faceoff circle

Description: Players have two small mushroom pylons in front of them and they move the puck in a figure eight pattern around the two pylons both directions.

  1. Stationary passing

Location: Centred on face off circle

Description: Forehand passes are coming along but back hands are in need of help.

This drill can involve movement BUT stationary passing between pairs or triples about 8 feet apart is preferred.

WRAP UP GAME: Freeze tag


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