IP1 Practice Outline Nov 8, 2014 Bell Arena 3-8

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IP1 Practice outline Nov 8, 2014  Bell Arena 3-8

David Carson Adam Tyler
Megan Jamie

Since we only have 6 instructors + our 2 parent on ice volunteers to cover our orange buckets and stations we need to change the format a little.

As many of you have heard Samantha Booth the bench rep parent for team 17 passed away this week. Her daughter may be at the practice. Please be aware.

WARM UP – Skate with wiffle balls  (NO NETS)


Fast as you can

Stick on knees glide

Fall and get up at every line

PUT STICKS IN THE CORNERS NEXT TO THE BOARDS BY TEAM – They will pick them up at the end of the practice

Lift one foot and balance at every line

Bird glide (arms out and on one foot)  (no sticks)

Together apart (no sticks)

Stop at every line (no sticks)

GAME: Freeze Tag inside the blue lines


4 STATIONS: NO STICKS    Approximately 8 – 10 players per station.

  1. Exercise ball push through staggered large pylons

Location: One end inside the blue line

  1. Straight line pylon skate

Location: Down the blue line

  1. Orange bucket serpentine slalom

Location : Across the ice between the blue line and red line

  1. Sockey ( 2 nets)

Location: Across the ice between the blue and red line

  1. ORANGE BUCKETS WILL BE INSIDE THE RINGETTE LINE …Orange bucket’s goal is to be “off the bucket” by the end of TODAY

WRAP UP = Pick up sticks


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