Mini game outline

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

NMHA mini game procedures 2014-2015

Our Timbits and their fans get excited about their games so I want to clarify what will happen in both IP1 and IP2

The game schedule is on the NMHA website “Initiation page”. Basically in the hour four teams play cross ice games inside the blue line. This means that 40 players will be sharing one dressing room and one bench. For this reason there are some obvious accommodations:

  1. No extra visitors in the change rooms – they will be severely crowded. Thiis is a safety issue. Parents can really help by having players come partially dressed. It is probabl;y best that two or three parents take on the job of tying skates for each team.
  2. We will divide the team in three : 1/3 in the game, 1/3 on the bench and 1/3 in the area between the blue lines practicing skating. Each shift will be 3 minutes of running time. Players will rotate: bench to practice area to game to bench. In this way players will be active for 2/3 of the time.

The games will be run by an instructor with the two parent reps helping in player positioning. The neutral zone will also be run by 2 instructors.

No scores are kept and there are no winners.

After each goal there will be a two person faceoff half way between the nets.

We will clean the ice between the hours so we will have 50 minutes to warm up and have 15 shifts (this works out to 5 shifts per player).

NOTE: In IP2 we will also play across the ice but there will be goalies in the nets wearing equipment. Later in the year IP2’s will play three full ice games to give them an experience similar to what they will have in Novice the following year.


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