No practice this Saturday

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sad but true!

There is no Timbit practice Nov 15 do to a Ringette tournament..

A few suggestions on what to do with your new found time.

1. Go ahead and eat some Timbits (No this blog is not sponsored by Tim Horton’s!!)

2, Go to a 67’s or Nepean Raider’s game to watch some superstars

3. Go public skating and let the Timbits show you how far they have come

4. Check their skates and get them sharpened

NOTE: Several parents have asked about when to get skates sharpened.. my best guess is every three weeks.

One of my videos on the NMHA website is on skate sharpening.The link is on the upper left of the page on both the main page and the Initiation page. There are several videos there that we produced last year. This year we hope to do some more.

Hopefully I will see you some time out and about on the weekend.


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