Practice Outline IP2 Saturday November 22, Bell Arena 3-7

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Practice Outline IP2 Saturday Nov 22 IP1 BELL ARENA 3- 7

After a one week break it is time to skate

WARM UP: (shorter) Just skate – so we can get at it a little sooner


Fast as you can

Together apart

Balance with stick on knees at every line

Fall and get up (or one knee touch)

FULL COMPLETE STOP at every line

Backward forward transition at every line


Carry the puck (PUCK ON STICK) to the other end and back (no stop)

Flip and fetch to the other end and back (no stop)

6 STATIONS  (5 minutes each)  6 or 7 players per station

  1. Go in and score!

Location One end on faceoff circle

Focus: Carry the puck and score on a net “coming across the face of the net”

Key Components: Players have to choose to go right or left around a long object and then cut across the net and shoot. One way will be a back hand one way will be a forehand.

  1. Shark skate with pucks

Location: Face off circle

Focus: Control of the puck in crowd.

Key components: Head up, random skating inside the faceoff circle.

  1. Partner tire push

Location: On both sides of the blue line – there and back through a simple pylon course

Focus: Strong push, knees bent heads up

Key components: Partners work together.

  1. Bucket ball

Location: Along the red line

Focus: keeping knees bent, shifting weight and pushing hard

Key components : two teams (orange and white buckets and two soccer balls) with two pylons marking the goals

  1. Backward skating / stopping

Location: Blue line

Focus: These are critical skills and need to be practiced.

Players skate forward – stop at a pylon … skate backwards in a complete circle around the pylon – forward to the next etc.

  1. Deke and shoot:

Location: Inside the ringette ring across ice to give more of a chance to move the puck

Focus: Puck control, maneuverability

Key components: Players push puck through a gap between 3 sets of pylons (or buckets with a jersey over them and then recover it and go to the next pylon pair which is off set to the right, then one to the left  and end with a shot on net

FINAL WRAP UP GAME: Chariot race


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