IP1 practice Saturday November 29, 2014 Bell Arena 3-8

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WARM UP: (shorter) Skate with pucks


Fast as you can

One foot push

Apart together

Balance with stick on knees at every line

Lift foot at every line

FULL COMPLETE STOP at every line

6 STATIONS  (5 minutes each)  6 or 7 players per station

  1. Hotdog, hamburger and fries passing drill

Location: Face off circle

Focus: Call for pass, make pass

Key components: Call and tap stick to receive the pass. Sticks on ice, strong pass

  1. Plunger ball

Location: Face off circle area into the corner

Focus: Skating to the ball and coming to a complete stop

Key components: Complete stop at ball and when they return the ball to the start.

  1. Backward skating with hoola hoops and partners

Location: On both sides of the blue line – there and back

Focus: Head up, C cuts

Key components: Partners help the person skating backwards by applying some pressure.

  1. Bucket ball

Location: Along the red line

Focus: keeping knees bent, shifting weight  and pushing hard

Key components : Two teams (orange and white buckets and two soccer balls) with two  nets

  1. Cross ice pylon skate with a ringette ring :

Location: Across ice along the blue line

Focus: Puck control (ringette ring)  maneuverability

Key components: Players carry ring through the straight line of pylons with an emphasis on one foot push

And go to the next pylon pair

  1. Go in and score two on none with orange bucket barrier

Location One end on faceoff circle

Focus: Two lines – Carry the puck and pass to their partner

Key Components: Strong passes

Orange buckets: WE NEED TO APPLY AS MUCH FRIENDLY PRESSURE AS IS REQUIRED TO GET THEM OFF THE BUCKETS AND INTO FREE SKATING. It is definitely time to get them to skate independently.


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