IP2 Practice Merivale Arena 9-1 Saturday November 29

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Practice Outline IP2 Saturday Nov 29 IP2 MERIVALE ARENA 9 – 1

WARM UP: (shorter) Skate  with pucks

ALL IN (same as last week):

Fast as you can

Together apart

Balance with stick on knees at every line

Fall and get up (or one knee touch)

FULL COMPLETE STOP at every line

Backward forward transition at every line


Carry the puck (PUCK ON STICK) to the other end and back (no stop)

Flip and go to the other end and back

6 STATIONS  (5 minutes each)  6 or 7 players per station

  1. Three shot drill!

Location One end on faceoff circle

Focus: Getting to the puck and shooting on net Player has three pucks in front of the net that they must shoot as quickly as possible

Key Components: Players have to choose which puck they will shoot first and what shot to use.

  1. Pass and shoot on net (partners)

Location: Face off circle

Focus: Strong pass and “set up”  to shoot

Key components: Head up, random skating inside the faceoff circle.

  1. Backward Skating around a bike tire.

Location : Between blue and red lines

Focus: Skating this way will force them to decide how to move laterally while skating backwards (ie backward cross over)

  1. Bucket ball

Location: Along the red line

Focus: keeping knees bent, shifting weight and pushing hard

Key components : two teams (orange and white buckets and two soccer balls) with  nets marked by pylons

  1. Stopping both ways forward and stopping backwards

Location: Blue line

Focus: This in a  critical skill and needs to be practiced.

Players skate forward – stop at a pylon … forward to the next etc.

  1. Deke and shoot:

Location: Inside the ringette line across ice to give more of a chance to move the puck

Focus: Puck control, maneuverability

Key components: Players move puck through a series of single obstacles and end with a shot on net

FINAL WRAP UP GAME: Chariot race


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