IP1 Practice Outline Saturday Dec 20, 2014 Merivale 8 – 1

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IP1 Practice outline Sat Dec 20, 2014 Merivale Arena 8 – 1

Attendance may be a little lower due to the holidays. We have 11 instructors SO I want to maximize one on one contact.

Warm up: Skate with balls of all sizes

ALL IN (Shorter)  No sticks

Fast as you can

Lift one leg at every line

Flap your wings

Hop every line

Drop to two knees at every line

Stop at every line

Stations: ( 2 instructors per station with 6 players or less).

Once at your station I want to take 5 minutes to work on stopping (forwards and backwards ) then we will start the stations. SUPER IMPORTANT THAT THEY GET THIS!! NO STICKS – Emphasis is on “Bum stops you – silly but the fastest way to get them there)

  1. Basketball with two nets being moved by instructors

Location: One faceoff circle

Focus: Pivot , balance

  1. Bounce

Location : One faceoff circle against the boards

Bounce the pucks off the boards using forehand AND BACKHAND

Focus: Balance, control, strong shots and use of the backhand


Description : Pile of pucks at centre ice. Nets set up against the boards one on either side of the red line. Players pick up a puck and skate in to score on the net then come back to get another puck as fast as they can- One net could be backhand net and on could be forehand net.

Location :Neutral zone

Focus: Skating with a puck, shooting

  1. Backward skating down the conduit track

Description: Two tracks of conduit with 90 degree corners. Player skate backwards down the track,

Location: Focus C cuts, head up, pivot to turn right or left.

GAME: TBD – Based on time


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