Timbits are Rock Stars!

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Before I begin to describe the Timbits i want to thank the parents and players for their gifts. ….especially the hot chocolate and Timbits for the instructors. It is my overwhelming pleasure to work with these players. My face hurts at the end of every Saturday because I have been sling and laughing all day. I do miss having a couple of hockey teams but your kids have convinced me that I will be Timbits lifer! I am already working on next year.

As we wrap up 2014 I have to thank the instructors, on ice parent reps – your work with these Timbits has been amazing and has been the reason that our Timbits have shown such a  HUGE improvement.

I was absolutely blown away by how well they skated this weekend.  I know how much sweat I produced trying to get away from them in Freeze tag. My muscles are more than  a little sore this morning(OK  a lot sore and I needed to use  muscle roller but that is too much information!).   Timbits are rock stars!!

We are almost half way in the development. Moving on IP1 will continue to work on stopping, skating backwards, skating with power and handling the puck. IP2 will begin to spend more time playing “against one an other” in more hockey related situations as well as learning the rules that they will be expected to know in Novice. They will of course still be working hard on their skating especially their edge control with and without a puck.

Have a wonderful Christmas break with your families.Many of the arenas will have FREE family skates. They are a great way to help your Timbits continue to love to skate – you might see me there.

Next practice is Saturday Dec 27 …. when everyone will work off those extra helpings of turkey…dessert or candy.

Next mini games are Tuesday Dec 30 at BELL ARENA at 6 and 7…(no time error here !



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