IP2 Practice Outline Saturday Jan 10, 2015 Merivale Arena 9 – 1

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We should have a full set of instructors so we should be in a good position to offer lots of engaging one on ones. Our goal is always to teach everyone with special emphasis on “enrichment” for our top skaters and “help” for those that are struggling a little. Our Timbits expect POSITIVE, PATIENT AND ENGAGING interactions … that is why we are here!

IP2 Practice outline Saturday Jan 10, 2015 Merivale Arena 9 – 1

Warm up:   Skate with pucks  / 3 nets needed

ALL IN with no pucks:

Fast as you can

Apart together

One foot balance

STOP (By now EVERY PLAYER should be making good one foot stops both ways)

ALL IN : with pucks

Snow plow

Chip and go

Stop at every line

Forward backward transition at every line

6 STATIONS: (assuming 36 players then 6 per group)

  1. Two on none with a pass out to the front of the net and shot
  2. Triangle passing around a tire (Critical we get them to pass with strength)
  3. Skate in a box with a puck
  4. Figure eight skate around bike tires forward – emphasizing stick position
  5. Figure eight skate BACKWARDS around bike tires (This will be a work in progress!)
  6. Receive multiple passes from instructor and shoot on net
  7. GOALIE TRAINING We now have two sets of “other hand” goalie gloves

We will probably NOT have time for a game ( If we do then Chariot races)

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