Practice outline Saturday Jan 24 , 2015 IP2 Merivale arena 9-1

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We need to continue to work on handling a puck, making a pass with power  and backward skating

WARM UP:   Skate with wiffle balls  (NO MORE THAN  :05)

ALL IN with no pucks: (NO MORE THAN :10)

Fast as you can

Touch ONE  knee at every line

STOP (By now EVERY PLAYER should be making good one foot stops both ways)

Forward backward transition at every line

Superman dive

6 STATIONS: (assuming 36 players then 6 per group)

  1. Two on none with a shot at PVC goalie NET #1

Longer run than last week. Use orange buckets to define where pass is to be made

  1. 3 net accuracy pass

Pass to player who then “passes” to one of the three nets

There needs to be much longer skate up to the puck

  1. Skate in a box with a puck  (we have 4 boxes)

Instructors need to teach pivot and using the “caboose” to protect the puck

  1. Pylon skate (off set about 2 metres) with a ringette ring  – emphasizing stick position. SLOW at first then as fast as they can
  2. Backwards skate around a pylon

SLOW DOWN  and find the point they need to make a decision on how to turn

  1. Receive multiple passes from instructor and shoot on NET #2

Emphasis is split between a hard pass to “soft hands” and then the shot with power

  1. GOALIE TRAINING We now have two sets of “other hand” goalie gloves NET #3

GAME:  Chariot race   IF TIME

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