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I have accomplished what has evaded so many others. I have tracked down the cause of all our cold weather…

For those of you who were in the deep freeze at Splex2 tonight – you too have found the culprit, It seems the arena staff put the cooling unit to “arctic” – sorry to all those who live in the affected area..


IP1 Practice Outline Feb 28, 2015 Bell Arena 3 – 8

WARM UP: Skate with wiffle balls

ALL IN:  (Longer)

With sticks

Fast as you can there and back

Apart together

One / two/ three glide

Stop at every line  x 2

Fall at every line and get up

Horse, Giraffe, Elephant


Bird, bee, plane, superman


GAME: Wiffle ball attack ( same as IP2 shoot past the instructors but with wiffle balls)

5 STATIONS: (up to 6 or 7 players per station)

  1. Passing drill ending with a shot on net NET #1 and #2

Focus: BOTH forehand and backhand passes – change lines

  1. Five (or more) puck rapid shooting into a net – two players at once

Focus: Pivot, decision making, both forehand and backhand shots NET # 3

  1. Backward skating with a right turn and left turn

Focus: Backwards skating with the ability to move to the right or the left

  1. Skating through a slightly staggered line of large pylons

Focus: Strong push and using the stick to pull them around the pylons

  1. One on none beat the PVC goalie NET # 4

Focus: Head up, focus on the hole, strong shot


4 nets


Wiffle balls

Large pylons

PVC goalie

IP 2 Practice outline Saturday Feb 28, 2015 Merivale Arena 9 – 1

Today is puck handling day   4 nets needed

WARM UP: Skate with pucks

Very quick!

Fast as you can there and back

Apart together forward and backward

One  two  three  glide

Stop at every line there and back

Forward backward transitions there and back


  1. Wrap around to partner NET 1

Focus: Two on none with a pass to “open” player in front of the net. ACTIVE PVC GOALIE

  1. Cross ice through a STAGGERED line of tall pylons WITH A PUCK

Focus: “soft “hands combined with using the stick to pull them around the pylons

  1. Puck competition to score on net NET 2

Focus: Quick start with three quick steps to FIVE pucks and one net

  1. Pass and score NET 3

Focus: Pass back and forth with instructor then shoot (both forehand and backhand)

  1. Inside the circle skate with pucks

Focus: Head up puck movement, reduce number of pucks for competition

  1. Goalie training NET 4

GAME: Shoot out

Instructors on red line /  players on blue try to get the puck past the other team

Equipment :


Extra goalie gear,

Goalie sticks

Large pylons

PVC Golaie

David MacDonald Memorial Fun Day

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On Sat April 14 we have 9 hours of ice at the Walter Baker to have a “Fun Day” for both IP1 and IP2.

I am designing the day now and would like to invite any parent reps who have any ideas to send them to me.Last year we did a “Skills Competition” with medals. This year I would like to do a crazy fun filled skills “Olympics” event with scores BUT I would like to eliminate the awards. Hockey Canada is pretty clear on the “no winners” in Initiation.

I have my own radar gun, parachutes and enough “toys” to create some crazy events. The hope is that everyone has fun playing with the skills they have learned in IP.

All players will receive a medal that recognizes David MacDonald an IP instructor in the past( before I took over the program) who passed away far too soon.


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One of our two PVC goalies (the one with the black pads) was “borrowed by someone after it was inadvertently left at the arena. I figure with 350+ Timbits and all their parents we not only can put out the word but also keep an eye out for our missing friend.

I invented these things and made them and lend them to anyone who asks… I am not very impressed that someone would take it from the arena. I really need two of these for Initiation – so I guess it is atrip back to Home depot for pipe and the Play it Again to buy a set of pads.

Please let me know if you see my little buddy around – it will either show up at a practice or a backyard rink.

Where are the goalies?

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Last Saturday two of the IP2 teams did not have a goalie for training. One of our instructors is a AA goalie and was hired largely to look after training our goalies. So the question arises …why did these two teams not have a goalie? Having a  chance to be a goalie is a “very cool” experience for our Timbits. Let’s try to make sure every player has a chance to play nets.

When we changed the format for games I promised that we would try it for two weeks and then ask parents for their opinion. based on what I observed and flavoured by what the parents said I agreed to make a decision. Steve Boucher has sent out a survey to parents asking for their opinions.

My thoughts so far based on the games I have seen:

IP1’s are better served with a neutral zone activity which gives them more skating and less sitting on the bench.

IP2’s are better served in a format that approaches a real game – made even more like what they will see in Novice when we play our last two games full ice.

This week both IP1 and IP2 will be using the new format.