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IP TEAM REPS for both IP1 and IP2 Timbits – Some quick information items:

  1. As of Feb 7 th we have:

IP1         9 practices

10 mini games

David MacDonald Memorial Fun day Saturday April 4

Last day is Saturday April 14 for 8 of the 10 teams (*mini game) the other two teams end the Wednesday before

              IP2         9 practices

7 mini games

2 full ice games

David MacDonald Memorial Fun day Saturday April 4  = end of the season

  1. Every team is expected to have a yearend “social” gathering. It can be out at a restaurant or other location or in someone’s house where all players are given their trophies from the league as well as any other presentations (see below). One really good suggestion would be to go to Kids Kingdom owned by one of our Timbit parents Robert Charron 613-599-KIDS. He will arrange a great outing for you.
  2. I have Esso Medals for each of your teams. These medals recognize the character of your players NOT their skill level. Hockey Canada is very clear in its direction to avoid competition in the Initiation Program. I thought I would give you some time to look at the players and make your decisions. As part of the program every player will receive a certificate signed by you as their “Bench coach” and the on ice parents for your team.

In addition, there are FOUR medals per team:

2 Most Improved

Most Sportsmanlike

Best Team work

Note: In addition to these medals  instructors will be giving out
“Instructor awards” to players they would like to recognize. This will happen on the David MacDonald day.  

  1. Saturday March Saturday April 4 we have the Walter Baker ice for 9 hours straight for the David MacDonald Memorial Fun Day. David was an NMHA Timbit’s instructor who passed away at far too young an age. Every player who participates will receive a medal.

Plans are not finalized but like practices two teams will be on the ice together for an hour. The schedule is on the NMHA website.

  1. At the end of the season teams will be expected to collect all team jerseys and return them to Karen in perfect shape. She will be sending out a separate email on this.
  1. Tom Ware says:

    Struggling with the whole medal of achievement idea for 4, 5 and 6 year-olds. Every one of the 21 kids on the team has improved an immense amount over the year. It is hard to identify 2 that have improved more than others.

    Beyond that, I feel as though rewarding 4 of 21 great kids who are all trying really hard goes against the “no competition in IP” premise.

    Feels like giving out 4 medals is more likely to make 17 kids upset than anything else at this age, especially with so little difference.

    I am polling my parents about this and with a few results in, opinions are pretty balanced about whether the medals of achievement are a good idea or not.

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