IP1 Practice Outline Saturday Feb 7, 2015 Merivale Arena 8 – 1

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Practice Outline IP1 Saturday Feb 7 Merivale Arena 8 – 1 _

Based on what I have seen in games – skating is getting so much better but three areas stand out as needing to develop. 1. Keeping two hands on the stick and 2. Passing the puck3/ Taking the puck away from someone else (ie lifting the stick)


WARM UP: Skate with Wiffle balls

ALL IN: NO STICKS    7 lengths

  1. Fast as you can x 2
  2. Animal medley (bird, elephant, dog, superman)
  3. Apart together, balance on one foot
  4. Stop at every line x 2

One team to each side of boards = BACKWARDS SKATING only to half way – (so no collisions)

10 instructors / 36 players = 3 or 4 players per instructor

GAME: Freeze Tag at centre ice – Instructors are it first … Get STICKS

STATIONS: Divide into 5  groups  (about 6 to 7 players per group) ( 2 instructors per group)

  1. Two on one instructor with shot on net from blue line in to crease area

Focus is to instruct them that the pass is about getting the puck to the player with the best chance of moving it. The instructor is obviously supposed to let them pass “through them”.

  1. Skate through a line of tall pylons with two hands on the stick AND A PUCK. (Across ice between blue and red lines)

Focus: Run two serpentine lines with 6 pylons each – emphasis is on the push and on using the stick to pull them around the pylons and keeping control of the puck – forehand and backhand

  1. Three net pass

Focus: Start at red line – skate into the faceoff circle, stop and then pass the three pucks to each of the  three nets arranged around the circle.

  1. Stick handling in place between the red and ringette line on one side of the ice.

Focus: Head up and cradling the puck with the stick

  1. Wiffle Ball retrieval

Focus: Two lines – dump one ball into the corner and have players race to bring it back



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