IP1 Practice Feb 14, 2015 Bell Arena 3-8

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IP1 Practice Outline Feb 14, 2015 Bell Arena 3-8 … STILL TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY

4 nets needed

WARM UP: Skate with Wiffle balls

ALL IN: With sticks

Fast as you can there and back

Apart together there and back

Fall at every line and get up

Stop at every line


  1. Passing drill through gaps in a line of orange buckets and ending with a shot on net

Focus: BOTH forehand and backhand passes – change lines

  1. Four puck rapid shooting into two nets – two players at once

Focus: Pivot, decision making, both forehand and backhand shots

  1. Orange bucket push around  a bike tire figure eight course

Focus: SPEED to the point they have to try a cross over in order to make the turn.

  1. Skating through a straight line of large pylons

Focus: ONE leg strong push and using the stick to pull them around the pylons

  1. Basketball

Focus: Skating, pivoting, balance

  1. Three goal accuracy passing (shooting) using the small nets

GAME: Two colour hockey balls = two hockey games happening at once

Each teams is divided in two to play the opposing team = 4 teams. One pair of teams plays north / south (ie up and down the ice) and one pair plays east / west (across the ice). There are two colours of wiffle balls (4 of each colour)  one is used in the North / South game and the other colour is used in the East /West game. Teams can only touch the coloured ball that is used in their game. The nets are placed on the blue line for the north / south game and the same distance east west of the centre button. The games never ends because “goals” are removed from the net and put back into the game.


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