IP2 Practice Feb 14, 2015 Merivale Arena 9 – 1

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

IP 2 Practice outline Saturday Feb 14, 2015 Merivale Arena 9 – 1

Today is puck handling day   4 nets needed

WARM UP: Skate with pucks


Fast as you can there and back

Apart together forward and backward

Stop at every line there and back


  1. Wrap around

Focus: One on none with a wrap around

  1. Forehand / Backhand

Focus: Players skate to “V” which forces them right or left to backhand or forehand

  1. Cross ice through a straight line of tall pylons WITH A PUCK

Focus: “soft “hands combined with using the stick to pull them around the pylons

  1. Off side keep away

Focus: Moving back and forth across the blue line teaching not only off sides but taking the puck away

  1. Bounce off the boards

Focus: Bounce puck around an obstacle using the boards

  1. Pass and score

Focus two none passing drill with obstacles

  1. Goalie training

GAME: Shoot out

Instructors on red line /  players on blue try to get the puck past the other team


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