IP1 Practice Outline Feb 28, 2015 Bell Arena 3 – 8

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IP1 Practice Outline Feb 28, 2015 Bell Arena 3 – 8

WARM UP: Skate with wiffle balls

ALL IN:  (Longer)

With sticks

Fast as you can there and back

Apart together

One / two/ three glide

Stop at every line  x 2

Fall at every line and get up

Horse, Giraffe, Elephant


Bird, bee, plane, superman


GAME: Wiffle ball attack ( same as IP2 shoot past the instructors but with wiffle balls)

5 STATIONS: (up to 6 or 7 players per station)

  1. Passing drill ending with a shot on net NET #1 and #2

Focus: BOTH forehand and backhand passes – change lines

  1. Five (or more) puck rapid shooting into a net – two players at once

Focus: Pivot, decision making, both forehand and backhand shots NET # 3

  1. Backward skating with a right turn and left turn

Focus: Backwards skating with the ability to move to the right or the left

  1. Skating through a slightly staggered line of large pylons

Focus: Strong push and using the stick to pull them around the pylons

  1. One on none beat the PVC goalie NET # 4

Focus: Head up, focus on the hole, strong shot


4 nets


Wiffle balls

Large pylons

PVC goalie

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