IP2 Practice April 4 2015 8-12 Walter Baker A

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IP PRACTICE OUTLINE Saturday April 4, 2015

This is our last regular practice before the David MacDonald Memorial Fun Day so it is our last chance to stress some important points of skill development. In IP2 I want to introduce the black pucks they will use in Novice. We need to keep in mind that we are 9 hours in a row (some of us!!). IP2 will be first (4 hours) followed by IP1 (5 hours).

Practice outline for IP2

Warm up: Skate with BLACK PUCKS

ALL IN (Black pucks in the net)

There and back fast as you can x 2

1,2,3 glide

1 knee touch at every line

Down and up at every line

Stop at every line

Forward backward transitions

6 stations + goalie training  ( 30 minutes)

  1. Goalie training (NET 1)
  2. Stickhandling through the tall pylons with black pucks
  3. Backward and forward figure eights around bike tires
  4. “Bounce” pucks off the car tires and react
  5. Skate inside the circle with pucks
  6. Just shoot! (forehand and backhand)
  7. Passing accuracy

GAME:  British Bull dog


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